Echoes memes

Stop trying to tell Leni and Gina apart for a second and find solace in these Echoes memes

Why do so many of you hate the sheriff?💀

Recently Netflix dropped Eches and people can’t stop ripping it apart. There are so many aspects to this show that cause so much confusion, the main one being no one can actually tell which of the twins they’re watching on screen. If you have watched it then hopefully by now you will be aware hardly no one understood a crumb of what was going on – we’re all in this together. Here are 17 memes about the confusing chaos of Echoes on Netflix.

1. It’s literally so impossible

2. Enough

3. Such an evil dish

4. It’s as simple as that really

5. ‘This show is very good though!’

6. Why is everyone coming for the sheriff? Looool

7. Leni is evil

8. Results found I am not intelligent

9. Yep x

10. Sounds like a good plan to me

11. I am watching respectfully

12. My head is empty watching it

13. Stopppp

14. She had us all fooled

15. A chokehold is the only way to describe it

16. Can I join too? xx

17. Surely NOT

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