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Everyone is saying Echoes on Netflix is super confusing so here it is explained

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Netflix dropped its latest drama recently, Echoes and people can’t stop talking about how confusing it is. Echoes has silently made it’s way into the top ten and its a thriller set around two twins and the ending isn’t as obvious as we’d like. If you’ve finished it, there’s even a good chance you were left feeling just as confused as you were when you started watching it.

To be fair, the show has everything you’d want in a thriller. It’s got unexplained disappearances, marriage swapping and a bunch of family secrets. But you won’t be able to watch it without having it explained, so here’s everything you need to know about Echoes on Netflix.

What is Echoes on Netflix about?

As the official Netflix synopsis explains, Echoes is about identical twin sisters Leni and Gina who decide to swap their lives. However, there are “dire” consequences that follow when one of them goes missing, both of their lives fall apart super quickly.

The seven-part series follows Leni and Gina, both played by Michelle Monoghan, who swap lives on their birthday every year, and live a year in the other’s shoes – sounds very chaotic. Gina is a writer married to a former therapist Charlie and the couple live in LA. Leni, on the other hand, lives in Mt. Echo where the twins grew up and she lives with her husband Jack.

Since they were children they have swapped lives. They share homes, husbands and even a child. Everything seems to be perfect until one goes missing. People watching the show on Twitter have said they need help adding this story up because it makes literally zero sense. So here’s everything you need to know about the ending of Echoes on Netflix.

Echoes ending explained

Okay so we’re originally told it’s Leni who goes missing but we soon learn it is Gina who is pretending to be Leni. She’s trying to escape her life-swapping situation which Leni forced them into when they were younger. In the final episode we watch Gina and Leni running from their childhood home which is on fire and has their dad inside. They’re both alive at this point obviously.

The twins then start to fight right on the edge of a cliff and Leni admits she felt traumatised from seeing their father murder their mother. Gina says that their father had drowned their mother at her request and she wanted to die on her own terms rather than at the hands of the terminal illness she had.

Echoes Netflix explained

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Gina then seems to jump to her death but her body is never recovered. Leni is under suspicion for murder and flies to Australia where someone tells her they recently saw someone identical to her also living. This causes Leni to assume Gina is alive and living under a new identity. In the final scene Gina’s former husband Charlie is on a tour for his book about the twins. A woman dressed in black approaches him to ask about the “sister who killed herself”, (aka Gina). When Charlie gets home he sees a woman waiting for him and doesn’t know which one of the twins it is. Charlie admits he will work out who he’s talking to but then Gina or Leni reply: “So many scores to settle, Charlie. I thought I should start with you.”

The screen fades and viewers are left looking at their reflection in a black screen wondering what the hell just happened. Are Gina and Leni both alive? Who was it in the black dress and how can we tell them apart?

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