Noah Schnapp univeristy lifeguard

Omg Noah Schnapp has a lifeguard summer job and is heading off to university

I’d simply rather drown in a pool than put Noah Schnapp through saving me

Noah Schnapp was just 11-years-old when he was thrown into fame after landing the role of Will Byers in Stranger Things. Since then he’s accumulated 27 million followers and a reported net worth of over $4 million. It’s no secret that Noah Schnapp doesn’t need a Saturday job but just like any other 17-year-old he has one as a lifeguard and he said it helps to keep him grounded.

In an interview with Flaunt magazine, Noah said his new job is just for fun, he said: “I’ve kind of grown up with a normal life and normal friends and stuff outside of Stranger Things. It it’s kind of kept me grounded.”

Not only is Noah Schnapp living his best life as a lifeguard but he was also accepted into the University of Pennsylvania in December. He posted a TikTok showing the moment his family reacted to him getting into the Ivy League. Noah will be studying business, he told Flaunt: “Acting was just kind of repetitive, and I wanted to try something new.”

Imagine beefing with Doja Cat, going off to uni, getting a summer job and season four of Stranger Things all dropping within the same year. It’s actually wild. Noah easily is one of the world’s most recognisable young actors from everything he’s done since Stranger Things and you can’t deny he’s always kept a sense of normality compared to other people his age. For example he’s obsessed with Love Island’s Ekin-Su who won the 2022 series and to be honest, aren’t we all?

Back in 2018 Noah joined an Instagram Live with Millie Bobby Brown, forgot it was an Instagram Live and started to complain about his mum and Millie had to remind him he had an audience in the thousands. He told Flaunt that his mum is always dishing out punishments too.

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