Married at First Sight UK scandals

From savage dumpings to affairs: All of Married at First Sight UK’s biggest scandals

One husband gave his wife annulment papers in a Christmas card!

If there is one thing reality TV can provide us, it’s the drama. The new season of Married at First Sight UK has kicked off and the drama is at an all time high, and they’ve quite literally just met each other. The past seasons of Married at First Sight were just as chaotic as the current is set to be and the fallouts were just as bad. While you wait to see how Whitney and Duka could possibly get along with one another, here are the biggest Married at First Sight UK scandals so far:

Stephanie claimed she found out she was being divorced on national radio

During the third season of Married at First Sight, Ben Jardine and Stephanie Saint Remy were partnered up by the experts and all seemed to be working in their favour back in 2017. However, it was revealed Ben had got another woman pregnant before he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 and he admitted to cheating on Stephanie before their honeymoon. Talk about trouble in paradise.

If you thought it couldn’t sound any worse, Stephanie claimed she found out they were getting a divorce when Ben announced it on a radio show. Stephanie said it was a moment in her life that “truly” rocked her to her core.

Morag claimed Josh Christie had slid into her DMs before the experiment

Last season was nothing short of chaotic, especially when it came to Morag Crichton claiming Amy Christophers’ husband, Josh Christie, had slid into her DMs a year before the show. Morag addressed the situation at a dinner party, saying she felt as though Josh messaged “a lot of girls” and she so happened “to be one of them”.

The argument that followed this was next to none. Josh accused Morag of lying and told Amy to shut her mouth and let him speak while she tried to defend him. All of that drama and they still didn’t make it.

Jack’s dad was forced to apologise after he slated Verity’s looks

Jack and Verity got married in 2019, and Jack’s father, Mark, was forced to make a public apology after he made comments about Verity’s looks. Mark ranted to his wife saying their marriage wouldn’t last because he “knows his son”. He later said: “What Jack normally goes for, it’s very, very different. It’s different to what I am used to for my son.”

Mark eventually apologised and said his comments could have been “interpreted the wrong way”. He said he loves and appreciates “people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and sexual orientations”.

Nikita was thrown off the show for her aggressive behaviour

Nikita Jasmine provided viewers with all the drama just days into her being on the show. She wasn’t keen on her husband Ant Poole and their marriage soon took a turn for the worst. During a fight on their honeymoon, viewers saw Nikita throw a drink at Ant and stormed off and asked to have a separate room. MAFS bosses made the decision to remove her from the show after Nikita had a rant at Jordon Mundell.

Jonathan gave Steph annulment papers in a Christmas card

One of the most savage breakups in MAFS UK history was when Jonathan gave his new wife annulment papers inside a Christmas card, after a few weeks of being together. All of that drama and they are reportedly still together!

Jordon and Megan kissed behind their partners’ backs

There was nothing but drama during the last season of MAFS UK. It was revealed that Megan Wolfe had kissed Jordon Mundell behind her husband’s back. Bob Voysey was left devastated and in tears after finding out at the commitment ceremony what his wife had been up to. Bob and Megan did try to make it work after the cheating scandal, but they eventually chose to leave the experiment together as just friends.

Jason was caught on Tinder by his wife

Jason Knowles and Kate Stewart were one of the very first couples on Married at First Sight UK. Just three weeks after they tied the knot, Jason was caught using Tinder. Jason insisted he only joined the app after he realised his marriage to Kate was never going to work and said he never even fancied her. They got their marriage annulled eight months later.

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