Married at First Sight 2021 couples now

One year on since the experiment, what are the Married at First Sight UK couples up to now?

Tayah and Adam are having a baby🥺🥺🥺

It has been a whole year since we were introduced to the Married at First Sight couples in 2021 and now with a new season on the way, it’s only right to wonder what the previous cast are all up to now. Did they stay married? Are they in new relationships? There is much to think about. While we sit and wait patiently for the new season to begin and take us along the whirlwind marriages between two complete strangers, here is a rundown of everything the MAFS 2021 cast have been up to since their season aired:


Amy married Josh last season and the two had a very bumpy relationship. In the reunion episode, Amy revealed the two didn’t see each other after the experience ended and caused their relationship to end. Although Amy admitted she did love Josh, she never actually told him.

Since the show, Amy has found love elsewhere and it was reported back in March 2022, she was dating firefighter Leon McKenzie after they both matched on Hinge. She is currently a columnist for The Mirror’s football site and her Instagram is still a massive vibe.


Josh and Amy constantly disagreed mainly because of their lack of communication with one another. During the reunion, Josh said he chose to end things with Amy because she would “flip for no reason”. Josh is still a rugby player and DJ and has also ventured out and become an online coach where he is “helping women drop dress sizes whilst levelling up”.

It doesn’t seem that Josh is in a new relationship but he does have an adorable dog so that makes up for it I suppose.


Morag was married to Luke and if I’m being honest they were one of the worst couples put together in the experiment. When all the couples reunited, Morag said Luke didn’t contact her after the experiment and was on a mission to find someone “right” for her. Soon after the reunion, Morag announced she was quitting fame to go back to her day job as a veterinary nurse.

Nowadays, Morag is currently converting a van to go solo travelling and it all looks like an absolute vibe. She also posts photos with her MAFS UK cast mates, showing many of them are still close friends.


Luke and Morag didn’t make it in the end, and he even went as far to say that he felt “used” by Morag, saying she was playing a game during the experiment. Luke doesn’t seem to be up to an awful much since starring on MAFS but is still close with Dan and Matt and even went on holiday with them to Ibiza. A dream tbh.

Tayah and Adam

The only couple that made sense were Tayah and Adam, the two got on like a house on fire and they’re still together! They were recently in the news after having to be evacuated from their home due to a field fire. Tayah and Adam announced back in April 2022 that they are expecting a baby girl. Maybe there is hope for us all!


Marilyse was partnered up with Franky in the experiment and no one was buying their romance at all. Shortly after the reunion episode aired, Marilyse confirmed to The Sun that she and Franky had split up. She said: “We just mutually agreed that maybe we were not each other’s future.”

Marilyse currently lives in the most gorgeous home in Yorkshire with a kettle worth £24,000. Not too shabby if you ask me. It doesn’t seem she has found love elsewhere but happily lives with her bulldog Henry and her two teenage sons.


Despite his and Marilyse’s relationship not working out, the two are still friends which is slightly wholesome. Franky moved back to Dubai so he was clearly unbothered by the whole situation, good on him!

Dan and Matt

You will be pleased to know that Dan and Matt are happily still together! Despite stirring up some rumours they may have split up after not attending the reunion, they are still going strong. In April 2022, Matt moved to Northern Ireland to move in with Dan and in July 2022 Dan said going on the show was the “best decision”.

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