mafs uk cast 2022

It’s finally back! Meet the cast of MAFS UK 2022

At least two of the guys have said ‘ladies fall at my feet’

MAFS UK is BACK for another year – and it promises to be just as drama-filled as ever. Channel 4 has announced the new cast and, frankly, I can see where there’s going to be clashes already.

From a serial private jetter to the owner of a small business and beyond, here’s the brand new set of contestants for Married at First Sight 2022:

Adrian, 37


Photo via Channel 4

Digital designer Adrian is from Manchester, and he owns it. According to Channel 4, he’s confident, caring and creative.

Not one to let his looks go, Adrian spends a lot of time on his appearance, particularly with his interest in fashion. He’s been a “serial dater” for years, and now he’s throwing himself in the deep end in order to find someone to settle down with.

He’s looking for a partner he can trust; someone up for a good time who loves a laugh.

Duka, 31


Photo via Channel 4

When Birmingham-based Duka arrived in the UK from former Yugoslavia, he couldn’t speak a single word of English. He was bullied for his nationality in school and, because of this, finds it tricky to bear his soul to people.

Apparently, though, girls love to “fall at his feet” – and Duka’s really looking for an “Instagram girl” with a love for art and poetry. Not asking for much then, surely?

George, 40


Photo via Channel 4

George has four kids, a job as a Financial Advisor and a life in the countryside. He’s old-fashioned when it comes to dating and is looking for a special someone to settle down with.

Jordan, 29

channel 4

Photo via Channel 4

Jordan from Darlington reckons he’s a “great catch” – and, to be fair, it sounds it. He likes to cook, is already a house-owner at 29 (actually, has he tried Kirsty Allsop?) and identifies as a family-man.

He’s looking for true love and REFUSES to spend his life with someone who isn’t a perfect match. The 29-year-old suspects this is why he’s been single for so long.

Kwame, 42


Photo via Channel 4

Kwame, from London, has travelled the world, owns his own business *and* already found love once, with his ex-wife. While he reckons he’s “a bit cocky,” he’s also a self-professed “nice guy” with genuine ambitions to meet The One.

Pjay, 31

mafs uk

Photo via Channel 4

Dancer/Performer Pjay is also from Birmingham, and, like Duka, he’s used to receiving a lot of attention. He’s part of the world-famous striptease group, Dreamboys, which he’s seen as a barrier to meeting a serious partner.

He needs someone to trust him when he’s away on tour, but is happy to provide reassurance for the right person. His mum and sister are his world, so this potential new partner will have to impress them first!

Richie, 51


Photo via Channel 4

Sheffield-based Richie worked in the industry for over two decades before becoming a sales advisor. He worked with Sheryl Crow – which you might know if you’re over, like, 30. His music has also been in films, which is clearly very impressive. Like all musicians, he considers himself to be pretty deep. But, is he deep or just grating? Stay tuned!

Thomas, 31

mafs uk 2022 cast

Photo via Channel 4

Mental Health Care Assistant Thomas describes himself as sarcastic, bawdy and bursting with energy. He’s super loud and massively outgoing, but VERY friendly. Ideally, he wants a long-term partner to balance him out.

April, 32


Photo via Channel 4

Based in London, April designs dress for a living – her friends often describe her as “always the bridal designer, never the bride”. She’s come second in two Miss GB pageants over the years, and wants to find someone independent.

Chanita, 29

mafs uk 2022 cast

Photo via Channel 4

Chanita is from Derby, and as a social worker, is nothing but caring, loyal and kind. She’s constantly making friends and is *that* mate who always asks if you’re okay.

She’s just come out of a decade-long relationship, and is striving to find the love of her life.

Jenna, 32


Photo via Channel 4

Blackpool-based Jenna is a small business owner who can’t stand the traditional idea of getting married. She wants to find someone with pure love and commitment, who won’t get upset when she refuses to take their name.

Jess, 31

mafs uk 2022 cast

Photo via Channel 4

Jess, from Cambridgeshire, would describe herself as unique – and possibly a bit weird. But she’s also outgoing and “extremely fun”. She has “silly” energy and wants to find someone to match her in every way.

She has a bad habit for moving too fast in relationships, but wants to put all that behind her by… marrying a total stranger. Ok!

Kasia, 36


Photo via Channel 4

Kasia grafted her way from dropping out of school at 16 to running her own successful business; a body contouring clinic. Florence Given is shaking, Kasia is officially the one true girlboss.

She hasn’t taken a lot of time out to find a partner, given her huge hunger for success, but she’s willing to give it a go and find someone to settle with.

Lara, 49


Photo via Channel 4

Lara apparently once flew from Japan to New York just to have dinner – Taylor Swift who?! With 12 years of singledom behind her, as well as two sons, Lara is looking for that “fairytale prince” to spend the rest of her life with.

Whitney, 31


Photo via Channel 4

St Albans-based Whitney is incredibly accustomed to having loads of attention, but she only wants a guy who “ticks all her boxes”. Her expectations sky-rocketed after she lost her mum – someone she knew as her “best friend”. Whitney essentially just wants someone good enough to impress her family.

Zoe, 30

mafs uk 2022 cast

Photo via Channel 4

Zoe just wants to find someone she has a genuine connection with. Now she’s turned 30, she thinks serial dating is “stale” and wants to find someone to settle with.

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