Married At First Sight UK secrets

Early mornings and dress shopping: All the secrets behind Married at First Sight UK

Apparently, filming could last until 1 am

Married at First Sight UK is back and it is looking just as chaotic as the last season was in 2021. This season has seen two couples get hitched so far with the others set to make their nuptials in upcoming episodes. The show may seem pretty straight forward in the grand scheme of things, but there is a lot that goes down behind the scenes viewers do not get to see. Last year’s contestants Marilyse, Bob and Luke have all shared what it was like filming the show and all the production that goes into the show. Here are all the behind the scenes secrets of Married at First Sight UK:

The women get sent money to pick out their own wedding dress

Despite viewers seeing the brides getting ready for their big day, they are never let in on the process of buying the dress. So what actually goes down when it comes to wedding dress shopping? Marilyse spoke with Grazia and said: “The producers literally sent the money and they were like you need to go get your dress, you’ve got a week to get one.” Marilyse said she had to frantically ring dress shops in her area and most of them weren’t open because of the pandemic. Luckily, she found a dress in the end and it happened to be the very first dress she tried on.

Producers remind the contestants of what has been going on

Many viewers of the show have assumed the show is scripted, however Luke said it isn’t at all. Despite it not being scripted, the producers do remind the contestants of “the stories”. Luke said: “When you’re on camera, they remind you what’s going on. And they might help you with words or lines or something now and then.”

The filming of the wedding day is as hectic as you’d assume

Amy Christophers, who was married to Josh Christie before they split up, has spoken about her experience on the show. Speaking with Johnny Seifert, Amy said filming her wedding was like filming an episode of Hollyoaks. She said while filming she got to speak to him for two minutes and they “kept getting dragged away to go and film other things”.

She said: “I remember they took me and Josh away after we just literally got married and then they were like, ‘so what’d you think about him?’ And I was like, ‘oh I don’t know. I’ve only said hello to him.'”

Married At First Sight UK secrets

The cast were paid wages they’d get paid in their normal jobs

Bob, who worked as a business protection specialist before starring on the show, said the cast got paid their wages as if they were doing their normal jobs. He said they had to send over their payslips before they began the show.

Commitment ceremonies and dinner parties would take all day to film

The filming of the show takes place over eight weeks, with commitment ceremonies and dinner parties sometimes taking all day to film. Marilyse said: “I remember one day we had a dinner party where we’d have to get up at like 7 am, so the girls could start getting ready for filming to start about half eight. And then the day would be so long we wouldn’t finish until about one o’clock in the morning.”

Married At First Sight UK secrets

After the wedding, the couples go back to the hotel in separate cars

Amy revealed to Johnny Seifert at the end of the wedding night, they are driven back to the hotels in different cars. She said this was because “they don’t want you getting to know each other too well, off camera”. “They want everything to be organic, but obviously, it’s just awkward,” she added.

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