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Instagram precise location debunked: Here’s how and why you should be turning it off

This feature is a big no from me

Your data being stored in apps is a growing concern for people who use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To sign up to these apps you have to share personal information like names, addresses, emails and even agree to allow the app to access your location. This week people on Instagram have been sharing the same post expressing their concerns over the new precise location feature which allows the app to see your exact whereabouts.

But now there’s a way you can turn it off so the app won’t be able to access your exact address. Here’s everything we know about the new precise location feature on Instagram including how it works and how to turn it off.

What does the precise location Instagram feature mean?

You’ve probably seen loads of people sharing the same post to their stories telling their followers to turn off precise location. When you first used Instagram you had to tick a box and agree to sharing your location, which we all have to do with most apps.

We all knew this but recently Instagram added this feature which shares your exact coordinates, not just general location. This means your location is pretty much always being tracked and shared with Instagram so the app can see you move from different points throughout the day.

Does Instagram give out your precise location to users?

No, Instagram doesn’t allow other users to see your exact location but this doesn’t mean it’s not available to stalkers and hackers. When you turn off the precise location feature on Instagram, your approximate location is shown rather than the exact one – so it’s a whole lot safer.

Here’s how to turn off your precise location on Instagram

Right now this feature only seems to be available for iPhone users, so here’s how to turn it off on your iPhone.

1. Go into your settings app, not through Instagram settings

2. Scroll down to Instagram

3. Tap location

4. Swipe the precise location button and turn it off

Whilst you’re there you can also change location to never being shared, only when asked, when you next share or only whilst using the app.

Instagram tweeted making it clear your location isn’t shared with others. The tweet said: “Similar to other social media companies, we use precise location for things like location tags and maps features.” The playform added people can manage their location services via their device’s settings and tag locations on their posts if they want to share that information.

Image of the man in feature image via Adrian Swancar on Unsplash.

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