Andrew Tate banned Twitter

Andrew Tate has been banned from these 24 things and this entire meme roundup

You really have to reevaluate your life choices when you’re banned from EastEnders Makeover

Andrew Tate has been banned from some pretty major platforms recently like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The memes on Twitter have been unreal and people are bringing to light all the pointless stuff Andrew Tate has been banned from like Club Penguin and EastEndersEastEnders Makeover. Obviously though, and I hate myself for having to disclaim this, but it’s a joke and Andrew Tate hasn’t actually been permanently banned from any of these things, even RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Anyway, here are 24 things that Andrew Tate has been banned from according to Twitter.

1. Starting off strong

2. He is really missing out

3. Start your engines and may the best Cobra Tate win!

4. What a blow

5. This is so niche

6. Disappointing

7. Noooooo this one is the saddest

8. Lmaooo

9. The Pizza parlour music soothes my soul

10. Tragic

11. Oh this one isn’t a meme

12. No more scholarly articles for Andrew!!

13. Looool there’s only one place left for him I guess

14. A real loss

15. With only four months to go as well!

16. Lmao

17. The best pizzeria ever

18. He’s just thrown his cellular device into the water!!

19. This one isn’t a meme, oops x

20. Willow Creek is actually such a nice area


21. Classic

22. This one is pretty damning

23. I’ve never seen this app in my life

24. A monumental loss for him

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