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Andrew Tate says ‘his future’ is starting The Tate Foundation charity to help women

‘There will be no pictures of Bugattis anymore, sorry gentlemen’

In the new ‘final message’ video shared by Andrew Tate following his wide banning across social media, the controversial former kickboxer shared that if his future career will be defined by setting up a charity called The Tate Foundation – which will be dedicated to “charitable acts” for both women and men.

“The future for me, now that I will be a lot more selective with the social media I’ll be producing (if any at all), is I’m going to be starting a foundation,” Andrew Tate says. “The Tate Foundation – which is going to be dedicated to charitable acts of both genders. My brother has a daughter, she’s beautiful, she’s my niece. I don’t want her to grow up in a world where men are oppressive and hurting women. Why would I possibly want that?

“I confirm to you that the last thing I would want is for women to be marginalised in the future. The Tate Foundation is going to be dedicated to helping towards mens mental health and also protecting women against violence from men. You’re going to see in the upcoming months and years that I’m not somebody doing this just for likes and views, but someone who genuinely has the capability to help people.”

Andrew Tate then directs people towards his website if they want to keep up to date on his charitable acts. “I will be spending millions and millions of dollars on charitable acts for the rest of my human life. God has blessed me with more money than I could ever possibly need. I thought I was being philanthropic via social media, but if that’s been taken away I have decided to set up The Tate Foundation and specifically help with financial aid women, protection from violence primarily. And men’s mental health issues. This will all be detailed in my news letter.”

“I always felt embarrassed to tell people about the charity I do because I always felt a bit embarrassed. When I do charity I think it should be from the heart and not for likes. People say I’m a bad person but I run a shelter for dogs in Romania. I just rebuilt an entire orphanage. I find it hypocritical when these hate mobs say I’m a bad person when I’m the one spending his money and his time trying to help the world. All they’re doing is telling their followers to insult me on my Instagram page.”

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