Durham student and GB News pundit Sophie Corcoran claims she was bullied out of Tory party

The Conservative Party dismissed Sophie’s claim that she was bullied

Controversial GB News pundit Sophie Corcoran claims she has been “bullied out of the Conservative Party”.

The 20-year-old Durham student has accused colleagues in the party of bullying her because of her working class background and because of the way she looks.

The Conservative Party told The National they received a complaint but decided not to take it any further.


Sophie on Good Morning Britain

When Sophie in’t studying at Durham University, you’ll find her on the media circuit, most notably on GB News.

She has previously argued that “fat acceptance” encourages people to lead unhealthy lifestyles, and following the RFU’s decision to ban transgender women playing women’s rugby, she tweeted: “It would be wrong to enable males to compete against women”.

Corcoran regularly comes under fire for her controversial opinions, but this time, criticism appears to have been levelled at her from within her own party.

In a video uploaded to Twitter, Corcoran described how for months she’s been subject to bullying on Young Conservative group chats.

She claims that Conservative members have been “slagging off” the way she looks, making jokes about her background, the fact she worked in KFC and just “generally harassing” her.

“Some of those individuals have made it impossible for me to go to the Conservative Association in Durham, because of their like obsessive bullying – it is bullying at this point,” Corcoran said.

Sophie told the Conservative Party about what was going on, but they decided to not uphold her claim despite the reams of screenshots and witnesses she claims to have provided.

Sophie said: “They decided that they’re going to do nothing except revoke my conference pass and punish me instead of the people who they should be punishing, as they are too cowardly to deal with bullying.”

Unsatisfied with the handling of her claim, Sophie decided to leave the Tory party, of which she has been a member since she was 16 years old.

Reflecting on her treatment, Sophie said the Conservative Party “wax lyrical about wanting more working-class people and more women in politics but they don’t care about the fact that one of their most notable [Young Conservatives], let’s be honest, who is a working class woman has been bullied out of the party and out of politics altogether.”

A Conservative Party spokesperson said: “We take any allegation of bullying incredibly seriously and have a long-established complaints procedure.

“A complaint was received and assessed. On the basis of the evidence provided, the complaint could not be upheld.

“The complainant requested their conference pass be refunded, and this request was fulfilled.”

Durham University Conservative Association was approached for comment.

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