A-Level results day 2022 memes

Stop hounding those Clearing hotlines and cry over these crippling A-Level results day memes

In the words of Katie Price, never underestimate the C

Frankly, A-level results day is either the best or worst day of your life. If you managed to get the results you wanted then well done. If not, take a break from hounding those clearing hotlines and enjoy these reactions to A-Level results day 2022.

1. A timeless classic

2. This is true

3. Nandos is essential

4. A sad truth

5. Lmaooo

6. Your academic advisor is: Andrew Tate

7. I think we’re all bitches

8. Stoppppp

9. I am manifesting it

10. Could be worse! It could be three D’s

11. It now very much is what it is

12. I mean, it’s no lie

13. So evil

14. This UCAS page does the rounds every single year

15. The best one

16. Nice!

17. Good to know

18. ‘And god’

19. This is…depressing

20. Never underestimate the C

21. The only good thing to come from it

22. End of

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