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Just a list of 24 things we *wish* we’d known before starting uni

Your kitchen will inexplicably smell like the bin – learn to live with it

So, you’ve got your A-level grades – whether you smashed it or barely scraped by, congrats! But, what the hell comes next?

You’re probably filled with a *feral* amount of anxiety about the next month or so. Moving out, making new friends, starting a new course… to be honest, you probably don’t even want to hear the word “uni” right now. And don’t worry, I totally get it.

If you want to know what uni is really like though – I mean, REALLY like, read on. This list isn’t for the faint-hearted, and it’s certainly not your standard “study hard and use the library!!” rundown.

No matter where you’re going, these are 24 things we *wish* we’d known before starting uni:

1. It’s okay if you fail first year, actually

2. Go out as much as you can

3. Always claim the free stuff at Freshers – but don’t buy the wristbands

4. If you’re commuting, you’ll still make loads of friends

5. It’s a bad idea to shag someone you live with

6. Probably a bad idea to get serious with your flatmates, too

7. NEVER invite people to your place for afters

a level results 2022

8. Your sixth form relationship probably won’t last, sorry

9. Moving in with friends isn’t always as fun as it sounds

10. Most people don’t start their dissertation until two weeks before it’s due

11. Graduation is STRESSFUL and rarely fun

12. Don’t just randomly stop showing up to lectures – it’ll come back to haunt you

13. The canteens are always *extortionate* – don’t bother

14. Make use of your discounts!!!!

15. Sometimes you’ll feel out of your depth, and that’s okay

16. Don’t let anyone shame you for your results

17. Your kitchen will inexplicably smell like bin – learn to live with it

uni 2022

18. Make sure you co-ordinate kitchen appliances – no, seriously

19. Just let everyone know off the bat you’ve never been skiing

20. Don’t pack heels, you won’t wear them

21. There’s no point in pretending you like weird, indie music – go to that cheesy club

22. Never Have I Ever will become a staple game every Friday night

23. Make it your BUSINESS not to draw the last king in Ring Of Fire

24. People aren’t lying, these will probably be the best years of your life

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