Ukrainian A-Level student lands Durham Uni place as his dad fights on the front line

He’s off to Durham Uni to study Biological Sciences

An 18-year-old student who fled the ongoing conflict in Ukraine just got four As at A-Level and secured his place at Durham University.

Zorian Tytych has been living with a family in Cardiff while studying Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology.

Before the war broke out, Zorian’s parents were working as lawyers. Now his dad’s fighting on the front line while his mum was forced to flee to Western Ukraine for a month.

In between A-Level study sessions, Zorian managed to find time to pursue some important volunteering work.

He said: “I have been volunteering, visiting the homes of British people in Cardiff who have taken in Ukrainian refugees.

“I am helping these families by translating documents for them, helping them with day-to-day tasks and being a friend to them.

“They need someone they can communicate with.”

He’s also training to be a translator for the army.

Zorian said: “Britain now has 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers receiving training from the British Army here in the UK and they need translators and helpers.

“Another of my friends, Mica at Cardiff, is also doing this with me and I am going to stay in the UK with my godmother who is Ukrainian but lives in London before university.”

Cardiff Sixth Form College Principal, Gareth Collier said: “Zorian has been volunteering locally by helping Ukrainian families living in Cardiff feel at home, talking to them and providing translation which has really helped alleviate their concerns.

“He did this during his very busy A-level revision period.

“We have received glowing reports from the host family who described him ‘as an example of an outstanding, selfless individual willing to help others where he can’.

“He has been an active member of the school community and we are delighted that he is able to continue his education here in the UK with these tremendous results.”

Featured image via SWNS

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