50 Black students have secured Oxbridge offers following help from diversity programme

Target Oxbridge alumni have gone onto have careers as lawyers and doctors

A programme aimed at helping Black British students secure places at Oxford and Cambridge universities has seen 50 of its students secure places at Oxbridge this year. Since 2012, Target Oxbridge has helped over 300 Black students secure offers from Oxbridge unis and in 2022,  85 per cent of its offer holders have secured a place at the top UK unis. When the programme first launched, Black British students only made up one per cent of UK students who were accepted to Oxbridge but now, they make up four per cent of the intake.

Target Oxbridge was created by diversity recruitment specialist Rare and worked in collaboration with both Cambridge and Oxford. In the last 10 years, 71 per cent of Target Oxbridge’s students secured interviews at the prestigious universities and 41 per cent obtained offers. The aim of the programme is to increase the number of Black African and Caribbean students at Oxford and Cambridge, by “providing talented pupils with personalised application support and advice, academic taster sessions and visits to the universities”.

Naomi Kellman, the founder of Target Oxbridge said: “I have really enjoyed reflecting on the impact that Target Oxbridge has had over the past decade. We have achieved our main aim of transforming the intakes of Oxford and Cambridge and improving the representation of Black students at these institutions.

“Catching up with out alumni has also demonstrated the wider impact the programme has had through providing students with a supportive community and helping them to get an early start on their career planning. We look forward to continuing to support Black students to pursue their academic and career ambitions, and hope to broaden our impact through our Target Oxbridge Year 10 programme.”

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