Heartstopper season two will begin filming next month and fans are shaking

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about Nick and Charlie

Heartstopper is a show that’s waaaay ahead of its time – everything about it is perfect and fans are obsessed. Just 28 days after the first season dropped on Netflix, it was announced we would get a further two seasons which is wild.

Not a day passes when Heartstopper isn’t trending on Twitter for one thing or another and recently it’s been trending because it was announced filming for season two is set to start next month!!

Heartstopper season two filming will begin in London on September 13 and is expected to wrap up before Christmas in December later this year.

In the first season of Heartstopper fans followed Charlie who meets Nick, a rugby boy in his school. Their friendship soon turns into romance and they help each other go through stages of self-discovery. In the first season finale, Nick tells Charlie he’s ready to come out to his mates and mum and tell everyone about their relationship. His mother, played by icon Olivia Colman accepts him for who he is.

Based on last year’s filming schedule and when the show was released, we can expect Heartstopper season two in Spring 2023. Just one year after the first season dropped back on April 22 2022.

Purely down to the books written by Alice Osman, here’s everything we can expect to happen in season two. First up, Nick and Charlie start to tell more people about their relationship including his father and biphobic brother David.

Season two could also address Charlie’s eating disorder after season one hints at it loosely. In Volume Three, Nick starts to notice this, and the book ends with him researching eating disorders after the Paris trip. This is obviously an extremely important and sensitive topic to cover, and many fans are waiting to see how Netflix will handle it.

There’s also the reveal that Tao was (accidentally) the reason Charlie got outed when he was in year nine, which has the potential to cause a bit of friction between the two friends this season. But it’s not all bad news for Tao. Volume Three sees Tao and Elle getting closer, and a fan-favourite first kiss outside the Louvre. This is obviously a golden opportunity for them to play Lorde, and I’ll be writing a strongly-worded letter to Netflix if it doesn’t happen. The France trip also introduces another new character, Mr Farouk, a teacher at the girls’ school. He develops a friendship with Charlie’s art teacher Mr Ajayi which quickly becomes something more. We could also see Harry on the France trip as he starts to learn how to be less of a homophobic piece of shit, and Darcy getting the entire Paris gang absolutely hammered in a hotel room. Netflix, renew Heartstopper.

I simply cannot wait for season two.

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