Meet Kyle Thomas: The most followed British TikToker of all time

And he’s only 17!!

Kyle Thomas is famous for being one of the most followed British creators on TikTok. His videos range from everything to do with animals, food and weird life hacks. He joined TikTok back in 2019 and currently has 32.9 million followers and 1.5 billion likes, his fan base is truly massive. Here’s everything we know about Kyle Thomas including his net worth, his following and what he wants to do with his fame.

He’s 17-years-old

via @kylethomas on Instagram

Kyle was born back in September of 2004 which means when he joined TikTok in 2019 he was around 15-years-old.

His predicted net worth is £165,000


what should i make into dragons breath? 😍😮‍💨 im leaving Indonesia in a few days 😔

♬ original sound – summer❤️‍🩹

It’t not been confirmed exactly how much Kyle Thomas earns but his massive social media following means he can charge a big fee for collaborating with brands. He’s thought to have earned around £165,000 from his content.

During his interview on This Morning, Kyle revealed he shares a lot of his money with his mum. He bought her a designer handbag recently.

Kyle has a pet meerkat called Mylo

Kyle Thomas TikTok

via @kylethomas on Instagram

Fans of Kyle, or anyone who has seen him on their FYP a few times will probably have noticed his love for animals. He’s known for his wild pet content involving his meerkat, Mylo and his dogs, lizards, birds and spiders. He says his dream would be to take his TikTok platform and turn it into a TV show where he travels the world with his animals.

He’s now got a book out and his meerkat features

Kyle has released a graphic novel called Guardian of the Realm. It focuses on him and his pet meerkat, Mylo as they travel through an alternate world and meet other creatures.

Kyle Thomas has 1.5 million Instagram followers

Just like any other 17-year-old Kyle posts a lot on Instagram showing off his fun lifestyle. Recently he went to the Stranger Things four premiere and his bio says he likes to travel a lot which you can visibly see from his Instagram. He is living a verrrry boujie lifestyle.

You can follow Kyle Thomas on TikTok here.

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