Sidemen net worth

Sidemen net worths ranked: Who are the highest and lowest earning members in the group?

They have a collective net worth of £44.2 million

The Sidemen YouTube channel is run by a group of seven British YouTubers with a reported collective net worth of £44.2 million. The nine-year-old group consists of KSI, Simon Minter, Vik Barn, Harry Lewis, Josh Bradley, Ethan Payne and Tobi Brown. Together they have built up an insanely big following through uploading commentary clips, vlogs and challenges. The group is pretty big and individually their net worths are wild. Here’s a rundown of how big the net worth is for each of the Sidemen.

Tobi Brown – £1.2 million

Tobi started YouTube in 2011 and since then he’s grown to have 4.83 million subscribers on his channel and posts a lot of FIFA content. He’s also a founding member of the Sidemen alongside KSI back in October 2013.

Sidemen net worth

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Ethan Payne – £3 million

Ethan Payne is known by Sidemen fans as Behzinga. He has 4.86 million subscribers and is known for fitness and lifestyle vlogs. Like most of the other Sidemen, he also posts gaming content onto a second channel.

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Josh Bradley – £3 million

Josh is better known as Zerkaa, and he’s the oldest Sidemen member. He first started posting Call of Duty gaming videos onto YouTube and then expanded out to football content. From this, he has 4.63 million subscribers on his main channel.

He also hosts a podcast which contributes to his net worth being around £3 million.

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Harry Lewis – £4 million

Harry Lewis, also known as Wroetoshaw, has a selection of YouTube channels. He has 16.2 million subscribers in total. He also owns the first football challenge club in London called Kicktown.

Sidemen net worth

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Vik Barn – £8 million

Vik used to post gaming videos daily for four years straight. From this he gained 7.56 million subscribers. He also had a series with over 130 episodes all about how to play Minecraft, Vik also invests in property.

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Simon Minter – £9 million

Miniminter, also known as Simon Minter, is reported to be the second richest member in Sidemen. He primarily makes content to do with FIFA, real-life football, vlogs, Q&As and recreating famous Vine videos. His personal YouTube has 10 million subscribers and on top of all of this he has a property company too.

Sidemen net worth

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KSI – £16 million

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JJ Olatunji, also known as KSI, has a reported net worth of £16 million as of 2022 ranking him first in the group. His main channel has 23.9 million subscribers and his second channel has 15.8 million subscribers as well.

Aside from creating YouTube content, KSI is also an actor, singer, songwriter and boxer. He’s also spoken about investing in Bitcoin before. He’s also the founder of the group, so all of this stuff added up naturally makes him the biggest net worth owner in the Sidemen.

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