People are dragging YouTuber Anastasia Kingsnorth for her ‘cheapest food’ video

‘This is poor people’s reality’

YouTuber and influencer Anastasia Kingsnorth has come under fire after uploading a video where she only eats the cheapest food in the supermarket for 24 hours.

Anastasia starts her video saying: “Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. For today’s video I am only going to be eating the cheapest food in the supermarket.” She goes back to doing this video four years ago in Tesco but this time round she says about doing it in Asda using its new essentials range.

Anastasia’s disclaimer says: “First of all before I do get into this video I just want to say I don’t want to look at this as necessarily a ‘challenge’ video because this isn’t really a challenge because for a lot of people this is actually reality. I more just want to show you guys the food options Asda has for a really affordable price and a lot of this stuff I buy in my general food shop anyway but they recently released a whole new range of stuff called ‘Just Essentials by Asda’.”

Following Anastasia posting the video to her YouTube channel with 1.35 million subscribers, she has recieved backlash from people calling her out for making money from a video that showcases every day life for people living in poverty. One person says: “Who’s going to tell Anastasia Kingsnorth that the Asda cheap essentials range is something to allow people to survive, not a bush tucker trial.”

At the start of her video she says: “My total for my shop and that amount you guys would have seen was £20.50 which the amount of stuff I got, considering I got a lot of meat, a lot of fruit and a lot of general stuff is unreal. If I was getting it from another shop or not just the essentials range I guarantee it would have cost me double.”

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She continues: “I am going to be putting the food to the test for the next 24 hours.”

Anastasia Kingsnorth’s Asda shopping list

Pack of six white rolls for 60p

Unsmoked bacon £1.25

Strawberries £1.19

Apple juice 65p

Cheese and tomato mini pizza 69p

Breaded chicken burgers £1.50

Fish fingers 80p

Six pack of variety crisps 77p

Raspberry flavour mini rolls 45p

Beef mince £1.69

Cherry tomatoes 50p

Bolognese sauce for 39p

Tin of sweetcorn 38p

Tin of chopped tomatoes 30p

Bag of grated cheese £2.40

Mushrooms 50p

Bag of pasta 32p

Garlic baguette 32p

Cheese and onion pasty 41p

Six pack of low fat yoghurts 88p

Chocolate chip cookies 39p

About three times Anastasia says she’s ‘thoroughly impressed’ with the food she eats

Anastasia makes herself a humble bacon roll with strawberries. However she did add BBQ sauce into the bacon roll which wasn’t on her Asda shopping list but she laughs and says “there’s no way she can eat dry bacon”. After cooking the bacon she says: “The only thing I will say, there was so much fat on the bacon so I kind of like just peeled it off and put the big bit on. But as for the meat part of the bacon there’s a lot of meat on it.”

After trying her breakfast she says it’s really good and the “bacon isn’t chewy at all and the roll is really nice. I’m impressed. It just tastes like the normal bacon that I would buy that would normally cost me like double the price.”

For her lunch, Anastasia makes a platter of different things. She uses up her mini pizza, one chicken burger and three fish fingers. As she’s eating her lunch she says “Guys, I’m very thoroughly impressed with this food.”

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Her snack consisting of raspberry mini rolls and crisps left her “thoroughly impressed” again. She says the crisps did taste “burnt” but they’re “not awful”.

Moving onto her dinner she makes a spaghetti bolognese. She says it’s one of the best dishes she has ever made and she can’t believe how nice the sauce is. She says: “The sauce was very runny, very very watery and the mince had quite a lot of fat coming out of it. So I would recommend you drain the fat out of the mince and let the sauce simmer.” Again, for the third time in the video, Anastasia says she is “thoroughly impressed by this”.

She says: “It really does go to show you don’t need to spend a load in the supermarket to get really good food.” She continues: “This is such a nice meal, I can’t believe it. I have nothing bad to say.”

Then Anastasia opens up a cheese and onion pasty for a snack which she doesn’t seem keen on and rates it a six out of 10. She also had a low fat fruit yoghourts and some cookies which she says are “bland”.

‘It’s highly insensitive content in this climate’

Whilst most of the comments on her actual video are praising her, there are a lot of people on Twitter expressing their anger at her for making this video. One person wrote: “Anastasia Kingsnorth doing a challenge of eating Asda essential food items is quite frankly disgusting. This is people’s reality. You can give all the disclaimers you want, that doesn’t mean you don’t mean anything bad by it, but that’s highly insensitive content in this climate.”

Another person on Twitter said: “Anstasia Kingsnorth doing the 24 hour challenge of eating the cheapest supermarket food doesn’t sit right with me making a YouTube video out of it. A lot of people struggle with the price of food and the fact she makes money from the video doesn’t sit right with me.”

Someone else said: “Who’s going to tell Anastasia Kingsnorth that the Asda cheap essentials range is something to allow people to survive, not a bush tucker trial.”

Other people have been writing to Anastasia’s management expressing their disappointment. Someone on Twitter called for others to do the same. They also added to their thread saying: “Anastasia Kingsnorth posted a video today using the Asda essentials range as a 24 hour challenge. We are in a crisis, millions of adults and children are in poverty and going days without eating, this behaviour is unacceptable.”

They continued their thread: “Anastasia lives an incredibly blessed life. A lifestyle which is so out of touch with today’s reality. This may be the difference between people eating, and not eating. Not only is this morally wrong, this has also added to the pressure on Asda to maintain a supply. She has taken what she didn’t need for a money making scheme. She has taken complete advantage.”

You can find the new Asda Essentials Range here.

The Tab reached out to Anastasia Kingsnorth for comment.

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