Amber Gill says she’s ‘disgusted’ by the Murad Merali OnlyFans situation

‘This isn’t a situation where I have a hot take’

On Twitter recently, ex-Islander Amber Gill has said she’s “disgusted” with the Murad Merali situation and needs “a while” for it to all process.

Podcast host and YouTuber Murad Merali recently saw videos surface showing him engaging in extreme fetish content focused on raceplay and feet. Raceplay is when two consenting people use racial slurs and derogatory comments during sex. Following these allegations coming to light, Murad posted a YouTube video where he apologises, addresses the video content and also his past.

Amber Gill and Murad Merali were known to publicly be friends however since the videos surfaced, Amber has unfollowed him on social media.

In the original tweet on her post, Amber Gill slammed demands from fans asking her to speak out about the situation. She said: “I’m sick to death of people trying to get engagement from me on this situation. Shut the fuck up? ‘I talk a lot’ ok????”.

One person responded to Amber saying: “Not saying they’re right, but when you’ve posted up with him several times, people will naturally look to you to say something as a bi-racial person.”

She replied to this comment saying: “Content creators tagging my name is tacky considering in the same breath they are calling me irrelevant.” The same person who engaged with Amber before says: “That says more about them than you.” She then replied calling the whole situation disgusting. She says: “And surely you can understand it’s way more offensive and disturbing for me than for random people. This isn’t a situation where I have a hot take, I’m disgusted and it will take a while to process.”

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