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Influencers and Love Island stars react to the Murad Merali allegations

Amber Gill has unfollowed him! Yikessss

Podcast host and YouTuber Murad Merali has faced allegations and seen old videos surfaced which appear to show him engaging in fetish content centred around feet and “raceplay”.

“Raceplay” is an extreme fetish focuses on two people consenting to use racial slurs and derogatory comments during sex. After the allegations surfaced on Twitter, Murad uploaded an apology video where he denied writing the captions on the videos online. He also went into the detail about the sexual assault he experienced as a 14-year-old boy and how his behaviour stemmed from it. People online have been reacting to his apology video and even Amber Gill has since unfollowed him. Here’s a rundown of all the reactions to Murad Merali’s apology video on YouTube.

Lewys tweeted saying “what the fuck am I reading about Murad Merali” and then tweeted again one minute later saying: “Nah, that is genuinely fucked in the head how can those words even come out your mouth.”

Amber Gill, ex-Islander from 2019 and Murad’s close friend, retweeted Lewys when he said the whole thing is “fucked in the head”.

Amber also tweeted saying: Not you all tagging me in madness constantly. You always want me to say something. Pick somebody else. Tag me in some memes or something.”

Someone then replied to Amber saying “Wait till you hear about Murad” and she responded saying “What he do?”. Amber no longer follows Murad on Twitter or Instagram – yikes.

Other people have spoke about his apology, one person tweeted saying: “Very weird because the people defending Murad Merali are failing to realise that the issue at hand is him being a racist, not him being a sex worker.'”

Another person said “Engaging in race play for money with consenting adults doesn’t make Murad merali racist. Same way a dominatrix that batters men isn’t a domestic abuser. Whether race play as a concept is immoral, is a whole other conversation. Once again I am not advocating for race play. This is one situation in which this guy has said he was fleeing from rape as a 14-year-old. And had to do desperate things for money.

“Also I don’t think anyone grows up dreaming of going into sex work. A lot of people have stories like this. People will go to extreme lengths to get out of desperate situations.”

Chanté Joseph on Twitter retweeted a tweet that said: “I am able to accept that Murad’s sexual kinks are linked to childhood trauma but that does not explain why he is a raging racist. Also, his non-black friend coming out to say she has never heard of him scream racial slurs like say she’s his target market is outrageous.”

Geli, who has a following of over 45,000 on Twitter said: “Murad’s apology sigh. Not an ounce of accountability. Trying to play victim. Avoiding the truth. All extremely calculated, and finished with the crocodile tears. What a joke.”

In his apology video Murad says he didn’t write the captions on the videos however he does say: “Some of this content is also not me and I can profusely apologise, I take full accountability for how this has come across and how everybody has felt from this content. Some of this content is me, not now, not recently, in the last five to six years, not any moment now.”

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