Jason Nash Trisha Paytas

Jason Nash claims Trisha Paytas threatened to ‘destroy’ him if they ever broke up

He’s spoken out about their relationship for the first time in three years

Jason Nash and Trisha Paytas broke up over three years ago after a year of dating which was heavily documented online. Both of them spend a lot of time with one another filming videos and also often appeared in David Dobrik’s videos.

Their relationship came to an end in February 2019 and until now Jason hasn’t spoken publicly about Trisha Paytas or their relationship. On the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy Jason spoke about his split with Trisha Paytas.

He says she’s a “complicated girl” but they really got along when they first met and Trisha was “really into” him which he reportedly loved. He also says “Trisha loved me so much and so did her seventeen personalities. We started filming together and that was cool and we were doing really good and then it got to a place where I didn’t like the relationship and I “couldn’t get out”.

He claims Trisha threatened to “ruin” Jason and all of his friends if they ever broke up.

In the podcast, Jason claims Trisha drove her car into his house and “trapped” him for “like three hours”. He says: “At the time she was really sick, you know, she had some sort of chemical imbalance where she’d kind of, blackout, and anything could happen.”

He claims one time Trisha threatened to drive her car off the road after he said he wouldn’t go to the mall with her. He says: “I really did try to like, take care of her and I loved her a lot and it just got to be too much.”

Jason ends the chat saying when you know Trisha, she has so many great qualities he also adds how great she was with his kids.

The Tab has approached Trisha Paytas for comment.

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