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Debunked: Is MrBeast actually dead and where did these rumours even come from?

Here we go again

MrBeast has a huge following, in fact he’s well over 100 million subscribers on YouTube, so the rumours wondering if he’s dead aren’t that surprising. Fans of MrBeast are fuming and so confused after another round of rumours saying he’s dead surfaced on the internet.

The first rumours saying MrBeast had passed away started in 2021 and now they’re back again. So let’s debunk them, is MrBeast actually dead and where did these rumours come from?

MrBeast is not dead, he’s alive and well

MrBest is alive and well and actually celebrating his 100 subscriber milestone. But weirdly and unfortunately, this isn’t the first time it’s happened to him. Back in 2021, a tweet from Anything Bot included a picture of MrBeast alongside a caption saying “MrBeast has sadly passed away”. The post went viral and made all of his fans worry. Even though the bio of the bot account says: “NOTE: Our tweets are joke so don’t take them seriously.”

MrBeast has been very active on social media, yes, even after his death was shared. It turns out he’s got a few angry fans too who have been slamming all the death hoaxes. A few of them have been calling out the rumours since they first surfaced back in 2021.

I guess the main thing here is that MrBeast is very much alive.

Feature image before edits credited to @MrBeast on Instagram.

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