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What is thick water and how do I make my own? Debunking TikTok’s latest popular trend

The trend actually isn’t too great when you think about it

Thick water is doing the rounds again on TikTok and it seems like no one has learnt their lesson from last year when it first went viral. If you missed it in 2021, here’s everything you need to know about thick water on TikTok and how it’s actually not good for you.

What even is thick water from TikTok?

Thick water is exactly what it says it is – water that is thick. In America you can buy it in a bunch of chain shops. But if you’re living outside of the UK or don’t know where to find it then you can also make it at home using your own thickening agents.

Despite what TikTok says though, thick water isn’t just another viral trend. It’s specifically designed for people with dysphagia, meaning they have difficulty swallowing. Increasing the thickness of liquids like water makes them easier to swallow. It makes eating and drinking easier, allowing people with the condition to stay hydrated and healthy.


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Why is the thick water trend from TikTok bad?

So the thick water trend on TikTok might seem like a joke and harmless at first but it’s actually creating a spike of demand for the thick water. The product going viral means more people are going out to buy it and those people don’t necessarily need it. Also the reaction people give when drinking the water just raises the stigma around it, meaning it’s now considered gross when it’s used by people suffering from dysphagia.

Here’s how you can make your own thick water and not be mean about it

All you need to do is literally add cornstarch into your water and you’re good to go. It’ll thicken up and you’ll be able to drink it. If you don’t like the texture though, there’s no need to be mean about it on TikTok – end of.

Water background in feature image by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash.

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