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So, who is the podcaster who ‘talks to herself’ – and what other wild things has she said?

‘She’s in a room alone… interviewing herself’

If you don’t know her by name, you’ll almost definitely know her face. A clip from an American woman’s podcast went super viral on Twitter this weekend (13th August) – the video split opinion, generated memes, and led people to question WHO this woman was actually talking to.

The host talked about her theories on why women owe “their men” sex after a long, difficult day. While it looked like she was talking to a co-host or interviewer, it turns out there was actually no-one else there but her cameraperson.

So, just who is the podcaster who talks to herself? And what else has she said in the past?

Who is she?

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The podcaster’s name is Dana Chanel – her videos are widely reposted by an account called IKB Media, but she also posts podcast clips on her own TikTok. She’s the founder of an online hair and beauty shop called CurlBible, and she’s a mum of two.

What did she say in the viral clip?

Her most well-known video has amassed over 6 million views, 70.7k likes and 13k quote tweets.

She’s been branded a “pick-me” by people in the replies, as well as others pointing out she’s not actually being interviewed (despite the podcast being formatted like an interview). In the clip, Dana says: “Never use sex as a weapon against your husband. And, ‘have sex often’ is probably some of the most extraordinary advice I never got. As a working mum we get tired, stressed, overwhelmed… but it is dangerous to neglect our husband’s needs.

“Sex is such a huge part of a man’s identity. It’s the way he emotionally bonds with us. God wired his body this way.”

What other wild things has Dana said on her podcast?

Some personal “favourites” include: “Women serve their men best by making him feel like he’s the head of the household,” “I don’t correct my husband” and “I can’t cry in front of my husband and show him weakness.”

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