Inside Love Island star Coco’s wild life: From famous friends to being on other reality shows

Since she left the villa she’s been at the centre of TWO alleged breakups

Right now, I’m living for Coco from Love Island living her best life. When she entered the villa and Andrew licked her tit, or whatever, she secured herself as an icon for life, and she’s chosen nothing but drama since. I’m here for it. She’s giving.

She’s been doing podcasts like it’s her last day on earth and has been the centre of every post-villa story there’s been. Here is a, much needed, rundown of absolutely everything Coco Lodge has going on in her wild AF life.

Inside the life of Coco Lodge from Love Island

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Coco had multiple jobs before the Love Island villa, including working as a shot girl

Our girl Coco had multiple things going on, even before she entered the Love Island villa. The 27-year-old is from Surrey, and has worked as a graphic designer, a ring girl, and a shot girl. After leaving the villa, she said she’s “skint” and will be heading back to her job as a shot girl, where she works in a student club. She’s also said she will soon be returning to her job as a graphic designer. The grind never stops!

Oh and btw, her name isn’t even Coco

It’s all a lie, because since she was introduced to us, it’s been revealed Coco isn’t actually her name. It turns out Coco is just her nickname, and her real full name is Chloe Lodge. In a question and answer session on Instagram with her followers, Coco was asked “What’s your real name Coco” and the Love Island star replied: “I was born Chloe but I couldn’t pronounce my name so renamed myself Coco as a toddler.”

She has loads of famous besties

Coco is no stranger to reality TV life, as she’s best friends with people from Love Island and Too Hot To Handle, and was way before she stepped into the villa. Coco is best friends with 2018 contestant Samira Mighty, and it looks as though they’ve been friends for a long time. Coco shared a TikTok of them together calling Samira her “bestie” and they’ve done a few videos together, doing challenges about how well they know one another.


How lucky am I to have two best friends with songs in the charts 😍👏 This is Samiras 👀🙌

♬ I Love Your Smile – W.D.C & Samira

Coco has also shared pictures of her hanging out with season one of Too Hot To Handle stars Chloe Veitch and Nicole O’Brien. They shared pictures of them on holiday together, which Coco has captioned: “Three amigos”.

Inside the life of Coco Lodge from Love Island

via Instagram @coco_lodge

She was ‘lined up’ for another reality TV show before Love Island

Coco had reportedly already began filming scenes for Married At First Sight when she joined Love Island, leaving producers of the Channel 4 show “furious” when she ditched it for the villa.

A source told The Sun: “Coco was all set for the next series of MAFS. She’d shot about a week’s worth of content – costing upwards of £5,000 – and bosses were looking forward to seeing her on the show. They were furious when Coco told them she was quitting to go on Love Island.”

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Since the villa, Coco has been on every podcast that will have her

Do you feel as though you’ve seen a lot of Coco since Love Island? That’s because she’s pretty much done a UK tour of podcasts. Coco has featured on any that will have her, to spill the tea on Love Island life and her fellow Islanders. She’s been on all three of the trio of podcasts all Islanders seem to be going on right now: Reality with Will Njobvu, Saving Grace hosted by TikToker GK Barry, and of course, Murad Merali’s podcast.

Plus, she’s already going to events with brands! Over the weekend, Coco, plus a bunch of other Casa Amor Islanders, went to We Are FSTVL with PrettyLittleThing. I’m expecting ambassador deals on the horizon for her, and PR events every other day.

Inside the life of Coco Lodge from Love Island

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Since Love Island life came to an end, Coco has been at the centre of TWO alleged breakups?!

We’ve all seen the drama that went down in the Love Island reunion. During the show, we saw the beef between Coco and Summer come to boil. They’ve been at it for a few days now, and it’s all over Josh Le Grove. Since leaving the villa, bombshells Summer and Josh started dating. But, on the Saving Grace podcast, Coco said she regretted not taking the opportunity to sleep with Josh in the villa, which Summer has clearly not taken very well to.

But, the saga truly doesn’t end there, because amid all of this – Summer and Josh have since decided to split up! In an Instagram Q&A, Summer posted on her story saying she and Josh “mutually decided we’d be better off as friends”.

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Oh and you thought it ended there? No!!! Coco has been in the centre of ANOTHER Love Island bombshell couple split. Yep, Lacey and Deji, who left the villa this year saying they were going to give it a go on the outside, have broken up amid rumours Coco slept with Deji?!!! I can’t keep up.

A source told The Sun: “Everyone could tell it was awkward between them [Deji and Lacey] at the reunion after Lacey delivered some home truths. Now they’ve called it quits and are no longer seeing each other. Lacey didn’t want to force something that wasn’t meant to be and then the rumours about Deji and Coco were the final straw between them.”

The Sun is claiming allegations first came to light during the recent reunion show, where fellow Islander Chyna Mills is said to have began telling people of Deji and Coco’s alleged thing. Lacey was apparently “mortified” and Coco and Chyna aren’t talking anymore. Coco, Deji and Lacey are all yet to comment, so I’d take it with a pinch of salt right now.

Coco’s life includes a lot of travelling

Inside the life of Coco Lodge from Love Island

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Coco’s Instagram really does show an insight into the type of life she has. She’s checked into locations such as Thailand, Dubai, Ibiza, Las Vegas and France.

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