Love Island winners ranked

From Jess to Ekin-Su: All 16 winners of Love Island definitively ranked from worst to best

Liam Reardon I will never forgive you for Casa Amor

The winners of Love Island are a strange bunch – mostly because they’re hardly ever particularly in love. The odds of them staying together are slim, and the couple that usually take the victory are more often than not the favourites of the Fiat 500 girlies rather than the spicier couple that’s given us the best telly for the past few months. We think a lot about the winners of Love Island as a couple or a unit even when they are no more a duo. Hell, some of them no longer even speak to each other! With that said, here is my definitive and petty ranking of all the Love Island winners – ranked by however the bloody hell I see fit. Let’s go.

16. Liam Reardon

Do not be lured in by this innocent face and charming facade. This is the face of pure, Casa Amor, evil. We will not forgive. We will not forget!

15. Max Morley

In the immortal words of Keke Palmer: “I hate to say it, I hope I don’t sound ridiculous, I don’t know who this man is. He could be walking down the street and I wouldn’t know a thing. Sorry to this man.”

14. Jess Hayes

I wish Jess Hayes all the best, but she suffers from being the winner of a Love Island series pre-hype. And she can’t compete with the heavy hitting icons that were yet to come.

13. Finn Tapp

The less said about the most snoozefest, flop season of Love Island on earth the better to be honest.

12. Paige Turley

Exactly the same as above, but with a more endearing Scottish accent. Nice that Finn and Paige are still together though!

11. Amber Davies

The best thing about Amber Davis was that rumour that she the child actress who played Roxy Wellard on Tracy Beaker grown up. The fact it wasn’t true did not serve her well when getting the Love Island winners ranked, I’m afraid.

10. Greg O’Shea

A bit of a nemesis for not being the best to queen Amber Gill, but I do like that he’s an agent of chaos for somehow managing to come in the final week and winning 25 grand over the likes of Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae.

9. Jack Fincham

I liked that when Jack was on Love Island he was doing it for the normal blokes who didn’t really give a shit about being influencers or having the most shredded body you’ve ever seen. Just a nice friendly fella who you might see in your local pub. I’m glad him and Dani are still on good terms and I think it’s so sound of him that he’s gone back to working on a building site.

8. Nathan Massey

The first season of Love Island I ever watched – and both Nathan and Cara are great examples of when couples from this show make it all the way. They’re ranked at the halfway point when it comes to Love Island winners because following the show they’ve just sort of chilled out and got on with life as a couple but I will always remember how genuine they seemed on the show.

7. Cara De La Hoyde-Massey

Just a lovely, down to earth normal gal living her best life who found the love of her life. Honest, fair and fun. Immaculate vibes – I’m so glad Nathan and Cara are just thriving together. If they were on a later season I think they’d be even more beloved.

6. Dani Dyer

Love Island winners ranked

The actual child of Danny Dyer yew fackin mag! Dani Dyer had the Cara effect – a down to earth girl who never came in with the ego that she was the child of a man we all know the name of. Just a joy to watch, and an early fave from the start.

5. Millie Court

Love Island winners ranked

Millie Court came in as a bombshell and was just quietly brilliant. She didn’t storm in and steal the season, she just made her name quietly by being a nice person and the best dressed in the villa by far that year. Her flaw? Liam pigging Reardon. Her legacy? Playing the piano in the talent show. It was a cultural reset.

4. Kem Cetinay

Love island winners ranked

The real winners of Kem’s season of Love Island and the true great romantic tale of that era was his friendship with Chris. Name a more iconic duo. I will wait.

3. Amber Gill

Love Island winners ranked

Taking the Love Island winners ranked bronze medal is Amber Gill – who was such a lovely gal she managed to win the whole show with Greg who she’d literally been with for about a week. Since the show, she’s just proven to everyone that we all made the right decision by consistently being outspoken on the show and providing good commentary and hot takes. So much personality, which is what winners should be bursting with.

2. Davide Sanclimenti

Love Island winners ranked

Did someone order an Italian icon? I think they bloody did! Davide is arguably my favourite man to ever enter Love Island, mostly because he has absolutely no clue how hilarious he is. So many quotes. “LYER, ACTRESS, GO THE FUCK OUT!”, “That was my line Natasha”, “He sucked the tit of the Coco” … All wows. And the fact he is in the heart of God-Su? The power of that couple is unmatched.

1. Ekin-Su, AKA Mother-Su, AKA God-Su, NKA (Never Known As) Ekin-Who

Love Island winners ranked


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