Beyoncé renaissance reactions

Bey is BACK and here are 16 reactions to her seventh album, Renaissance

I’m sleeping real BAD at night because I stayed up for the release

Happy Renaissance day, to those who celebrate. Truly, this is my version of Christmas Day. I stayed up all night to listen to Beyoncé’s new album and read the reactions and, I have to say, they didn’t disappoint.

From Cuff It (you’ll be hearing so much more about that from me) to Pure/Honey, there wasn’t a single bad track on the entire body of work. Also, it was FILLED with lyrics like “them Karens just turned into terrorists” which is so incredibly bold, I’m obsessed.

So if, like me, you’re keen to know what everyone else thought about the holy grail that is Renaissance, here are 16 of the best reactions:

1. B’Day, Beyoncé and Lemonade have some explaining to do

2. Cuff It is song of the year, argue amongst yourselves

3. OOP

4. Truly she can do no wrong

5. Sorry but thank god

6. Cuff It to Energy had me ascending onto another astral plane

7. Absolutely not holding back this time

8. Lol when everyone thought America was going to be the skip-track

9. ‘Release your anger’ – Big Freedia, track six

10. The vocals at the end???!

11. The other strongest are also all Beyoncé albums

12. I heard I Feel Love and I swear a part of me physically died

13. Me when I receive box one

14. I haven’t had a minute of sleep I’m writing this on coffee and vibes rn

15. She doesn’t realise I’m 24 and I have a bedtime


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