A deep dive into Stranger Things star Joe Keery’s music career and his many, many bops

He’s about to drop an album and I will be downloading HARD

Obviously, you know Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things. But as well as being the babysitter king of our hearts, Joe Keery has a music career, and it needs to get spoken about more. Yep, his songs are bops.

Pre Stranger Things, Joe was in a band. And now, he’s back on the music scene, producing tracks and is on tour. Here’s a deep dive into what he’s got going on.

Joe Keery used to be in a band called Post Animal

The music career of Stranger Things star Joe Keery and him with band Post Animal

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Joe Keery used to be in Post Animal, a rock band, but in 2018 said he had quit the venture, as it was too hard to balance the music career with commitments for Stranger Things. Post Animal is a psych band based in Chicago and they formed in 2014. Before departing, Joe Keery played guitar and provided vocals on some of the tracks. However, he reportedly left the band before the first album dropped. He can be heard on backing vocals for their tracks Ralphie and Dirtpicker.

He now has a solo career, and has just released new music!

Since he went solo, Joe Keery has been releasing music under the name “Djo”. Speaking on The Tonight Show, Joe said that the name is pronounced “Joe”, as though the D is silent. It’s like psychedelic pop vibes, and he has over three million monthly listeners on Spotify.

On July 19th, 2019, Keery self-released the single “Roddy” as a solo artist under the moniker Djo. It’s now his second most listened to song on Spotify, with over 37million streams.

In September 2019, he released his debut solo album, titled Twenty Twenty. He had been planning to tour as Djo in 2020, but due to the pandemic had to put those plans on hold.

Twenty Twenty has some huge bangers on it. One of the songs, Chateau, has over a million hits on YouTube and 39million streams on Spotify – his record. It’s laid back and cool, and tbh, I could listen to it on loop all day.

In a review of the album, NME called Joe Keery “a musician of very high calibre” who “dabbles in the kind of inventive, warped psychedelia that gently twists your melon and constantly shape shifts around you”. The review compared his music to that of Tame Impala.

In the last few days, Joe Keery has released some new music. His most recent single, Gloom, is part of his second solo album, titled Decide. The album will be out in September. Gloom doesn’t exactly hold back, with lyrics such as “So goodbye, Farewell, Go fuck your mother, Go fuck yourself”  and “Your girlfriend scares me, she’s got bad breath”.

Plus, Joe is back touring in some spots across the US, and you can book tickets right now. When’s the collab with Eddie, pls?

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