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Someone leaked Beyoncé’s new album 36 hours before its release – here’s what we know

If you kids can’t behave there’ll be no Renaissance for anybody!!

HAPPY RENAISSANCE EVE, EVERYBODY. Only one more sleep until we get to stop pretending we’re grateful for the Beyoncé/Jay-Z joint album and various film soundtrack songs. After six years, we’re finally being fed.

Parkwood and the rest of Beyoncé’s team have done an amazing job of slowly teasing details of Renaissance with the fans. We got a cover reveal, then a tracklist, *then* a list of features. This is the most promo we’ve seen from her in years – but, obviously, some people got a little too excited.

Whether it was a member of the Beyhive or a disgruntled Bey-atheist (Beytheist?) – someone decided to leak the entire album hours before its release.

It’s like being a kid. We have to show Beyoncé we’re responsible enough to handle promo – but seeing as we’re not, she’s probably going to snatch it away from us all over again with the next one. While we pray she doesn’t start suing, here’s everything we know about the leak:

Apparently, the albums are already out in some countries

According to Twitter users like @beyoontze, physical copies of Renaissance have started selling in French and Dutch shops – although this hasn’t been confirmed by Sony.

In the last couple of hours, people in New Zealand have been able to listen to the album on Spotify and iTunes. So, it’s possible someone with early access to Renaissance could’ve leaked the tracks.

Someone leaked flac files on Twitter

Jem Aswad, journalist for Variety, claimed it wasn’t too hard to find the files floating about on social media. It appears Beyoncé’s team may have already doled out copy-strikes on Twitter, as the leaks have now been replaced with a “this media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner” message.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend clicking on any other “Renaissance leaks”. Mostly because people have recorded really loud sex noises over them for fun.

We now know Renaissance is the first of a three-act album

Most importantly, someone leaked the contents of their magical Beyoncé box. Turns out, there’s a whole TRILOGY and Renaissance is just the first act. As much as I’m sobbing, crying and retching, and very jealous of everyone who gets to listen to it right now, I think I’ll do the honourable thing and wait for the actual release date.

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