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All the Libby Mae drama explained and why she’s had to deny her sister kissing her neck

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Libby Mae has finally come out with a response following the backlash she received posting a video cuddling her sister in a swimming pool. People who originally saw the video claimed Libby’s 15-year-old sister was cuddling and kissing her neck in the pool, however Libby has since denied those rumours in a TikTok video.

Before we get into Libby’s explanation and side of the story, here’s everything we know about the Libby Mae sister neck kissing drama.

Here’s the original TikTok showing Libby Mae, her sister and her girlfriend in a swimming pool

The video shows Libby holding her sister and her girlfriend up in a swimming pool. The caption on the video says “Which one is your girlfriend”  whilst Rihanna’s song Needed Me plays in the background. The lyrics sing: “Used to trip off that shit I was kickin’ to you, had some fun on the run though I give it to you. But baby, don’t get it twisted.”

The comment section is full of people calling out Libby and repeating she cannot make content like this with her younger sister. Since Libby Mae posted this video, rumours have spiralled claiming her sister kissed her neck in the pool.

Grace Waites make a video about a TikToker being too ‘friendly’ with their younger sister


Think you mae have overstepped the line a lil bit with this😭 how do i unsee something this strange?

♬ original sound – Beth Anne Brice

Grace captioned this video with: “Think you mae have overstepped the line a little bit with this. How do I unsee something this strange?” And she’s lip syncing to the viral audio “What’s going on?”

Katylee commented on Grace’s video saying: “It’s seriously not normal. Glad I got out when I did because I wouldn’t dare want a name for myself.” Her comment has over 12,000 likes. Another follower of Grace said “I feel like this is aimed” and Grace replied saying she would have tagged who it was about if she wasn’t blocked.

Libby Mae posted a two part apology denying her sister ever kissed her neck

She says: “So I just thought I would come on here to make a quick video about my previous videos as I’m literally seeing it all over my for you page and I’m seeing loads of people make videos about it including creators.” She continues to say as all her fans know, she and her sister have a “very close bond” and so does her girlfriend. Libby says: “All my captioned videos have been taken all the wrong way – she’s literally my sister. We cuddle, it’s not weird at all and it’s only weird for the people that sort of make it weird. It’s literally not weird at all and she definitely did not kiss my neck on that video. I don’t know why people are saying that.”

Libby continues: “I can see why people are taking it the wrong way, I could have used a better audio, I could have captioned the video differently so I’m not disagreeing with that at all. I don’t know why people are so bothered about what I’m doing, why they have to make a video to make me realise – especially creators and people with a high following. Like obviously if you’ve got a high following it is going to cause hate and your followers are going to come over to me and bring hate to my page.” You can watch the first part to her side here.


Not doing to create a war, just wanted to get my point across so people understand from my side.

♬ original sound – Libby Mae

In the second part Libby says “anyone with a close bond with their siblings would understand it’s normal to cuddle. Lexie did not kiss my neck whatsoever, I feel like it’s only been taken this way and only got weird because people are making it weird. obviously as you all know I do get a lot of hate across my social media platforms so people are using it as an excuse to give hate towards me.” She continues to say she’s genuinely sorry if the video has affected anyone, it was only put out as a joke.

At the end of the video Libby says: “If I wasn’t gay I don’t think this would ahve been considered wrong in any way shape or form and it’s not fair to use that against me.”

The second part to Libby Mae’s clarification of her side can be watched here.

The Tab has reached out to Libby Mae for comment regarding her TikTok video with her sister.

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