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What is the ‘forest question’ test on TikTok and what does it say about my relationship?

This is so savage

TikTok has some pretty wild relationship based trends which are all meant to be reflective of how well it’s all going. Earlier this year the main focus was on the Strawberry question test which determined how likely it was your partner was going to cheat. But more recently there’s the forest question relationship test and it’s pretty deep. Here’s everything we know about it.

What is the forest question test on TikTok?

The forest question test is actually pretty simple and only requires you to answer your partner’s four questions. The test aims to analyse your relationship and gives you an idea of where you and your partner stand with one another.

There’s no real scientific proof saying this test works wonders but it’s got people on TikTok in a chokehold. People are convinced this test can actually tell you how well your relationship is going – it’s wild.


Reply to @daddysworld091630 I really thought he had this one 😂💀 #lovepathtest #forestquestion #textingprank #strawberryquestion

♬ use this if youre gay – alex ◡̎

Here’s how to take the forest question test on TikTok

All you need to do is ask your partner to imagine they’re in a forest and ask them these questions.

1. What is the first animal you see?

2. What is the second animal you see?

3. You are walking in a forest and then you see a hut, do you bypass it, knock before going in or crash it?

4. You see a jug, how much water is in it? Half, full or none?

Once you have asked these questions, your partner’s answers will tell more about your relationship. The animal apparently represents yourself and your partner with the first animal being them and the second being you. The hut is then meant to symbolise how ready you are for the relationship so if they’re confident about going in or not. And finally the amount of water represents how much love you feel in the relationship. Good luck to whoever answers the questions and whatever you do, don’t answer them the same way the guy did in the TikTok above.

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