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This is how to do the ‘do you want a bite?’ trend that’s all over TikTok right now

It’s honestly taken my fyp hostage

Just when I thought I’d managed to forget about the “go out the parking lot” TikTok audio, another trend came about to ruin (make) my day. The “do you want a bite?” TikTok trend is taking for you pages hostage around the world and for good reason. Here’s how you can get involved in the trend.

How exactly does the ‘do you want a bite?’ TikTok trend work?

The basic premise is simple. One person offers someone else a bite of food. Initially they decline before the camera pans away. The first person then re-offers their friend the food, this time pretending the fork is an aeroplane.

When we cut to the person receiving the food, they’re most likely to be foaming at the mouth (or some other variation on this), appearing desperate for the very thing they initially declined.

This TikTok, liked over 90 thousand times, shows a man offering a woman some strawberries on a fork. He says, “do you want a bite?” She shakes her head. He pans away, pretends the fork is an aeroplane and cuts back to her. She’s standing on her head, jaw agape.


do you want a bite @mjgrimsley1001

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Here are some of the best ‘do you want a bite?’ TikTok videos


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