This is where the ‘go out to the parking lot’ TikTok audio actually comes from

‘Fab Five Freddy told me everybody’s fly’

TikTok audios hold a merciless grasp on my dwindling brain cells. Months on from the Binley Mega Chippy craze and I’m still thinking about the godforsaken song that this 20-year-old student created. But now there’s a new one doing the rounds. I am, of course, referring to the “go out to the parking lot” audio. Here’s where it actually comes from and everything you need to know about the trend.

Where does the ‘go out to the parking lot’ audio come from?

Basically, the audio is a combination of a song called Rapture by Blondie and a cover of the same song by Soldier Boy. The lyrics are: “Fab Five Freddy told me everybody’s fly
/ DJ spinnin’ I said, ‘My my’ / Flash is fast, Flash is cool / François c’est pas, Flash ain’t no dude / And you don’t stop, sure shot / Go out to the parking lot…”

Here’s the full live performance of Rapture that’s now going viral on TikTok.

Who even is Fab Five Freddy and what do the lyrics actually mean?

Back in 1981, rapper Fab Five Freddy took Blondie up to a rap gig in uptown New York. Lead singer Debbie Harry was so impressed that she immortalised Freddy in the song, Rapture. According to Genius, the lyric “Flash is fast, Flash is cool” refers to pioneering hip hop DJ Grandmaster Flash.

Where does Soldier Boy come in?

In June this year, the fourth episode of series three of The Boys dropped on Amazon Prime. It opened with a clip of Jensen Ackles’s Soldier Boy performing a cover of the hit Blondie song. Debbie Harry was quick to comment on the cover of her song, saying: “Holy sh*t!! Epic.”

So, how does the trend work?

Basically, the Blondie version of the song plays first while something mediocre is going on on screen. Then the Soldier Boy version can be heard as the on-screen situation is somehow improved. Accompanying the first song, the TikTok creator uses a filter that squidges their face, while with the second song, their face is made to look more hunky with a bigger jaw and stubble.

This TikTok has been liked over 500k times. The first clip is a man bopping along to the Blondie version, with the caption: “People who watch the TV normally…” The next clip is him with the Soldier Boy version and the caption: “People who watch TV with the subtitles on.”


Its the only way to watch TV

♬ sonido original – Cisco Viet

Here are some other TikToks that from the ‘go out to the parking lot’ trend


realistically I just didn’t know what else to do #uni #university #degree

♬ sonido original – Cisco Viet





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