Ranking this year’s Love Islanders based on how much we thirst for them on Twitter

Justice for Danica!!!

Love Islanders are always sexy – they’re the fittest people to ever walk this silly little planet and they know it. That’s the thing about Love Island, you have to really back yourself and have thick skin because whether you like it or not, people will have something to say about you. This season Twitter seems to be even more horny than usual. People are really thirsting for the Islanders and would you believe it if I said Davide isn’t at the top of the thirst list?? I know, I’m shook too.

A study by lingerie retailer Pour Moi has revealed the sexiest Love Islanders from 2022 and the ranking is purely based on the thirsty tweets written about them. Here’s a rundown of the top ten hottest Islanders from 2022 starting with our P.E teaching queen, Danica.

10. Danica

via @_danicataylor on Instagram

Danica deserves the £50,000 prize and the WORLD. She is truly one of a kind and quite frankly I’m offended she’s only ranked tenth. Any of the boys would seriously be punching if they were with her, but anyway, I’m glad she’s finally found Jamie.

9. Deji

via @deji.adeniyi on Instagram

You all slept on Deji and now he’s gone people have finally realised how hot he is. Also he’s genuinely funny and kind which is sexy. Justice to get Deji ranked higher because his looks were wasted on Love Island – he was too good for the lot of them!!

8. Adam

via @adamcollard on Instagram

Adam Collard is the definition of fit so it’s not surprising he made the top ten. Now he’s with Paige he’s got fitter and he’s less of a villain compared to his 2018 villain era.

7. Tasha

via @tashaghouri on Instagram

Tasha’s dress sense is insane – she looks so good all the time! We are wowing and bowing every night at 9pm.

6. Davide

via @davidesancil on Instagram

This is probably quite a shock especially considering the fact Davide would definitely rank himself first place. An Italian SNECK.

5. Jacques

via @jacques9oneill_ on Instagram

Shaughna Phillips was one of the first people to call it but Jacques is hot whether you want to admit it or not.

4. Paige

via @paigethornex on Instagram

Paige and Adam seem to be kissing every five bloody minutes. They’re so thirsty all the time so it’s no shock they both made the top ten. Plus Paige is so stunning so it makes sense she’s ranking higher than Adam Collard.

3. Dami

via @damihope on Instagram

Dami hasn’t been the biggest fan favourite this season but that doesn’t mean the man can’t be sexy! According to thirsty people on Twitter, Dami is the third most sexy Islander of the 2022 season.

2. Ekin-Su

via @ekinsuofficial on Instagram

This year’s villa is full of stunning girls but Ekin-Su ranks top for the sexiest girl according to Twitter. Someone even said she’s so sexy that she should’ve been on Too Hot To Handle and I kind of agree but she wouldn’t have met her Italian prince.

1. Jay

via @jayyounger on Instagram

Can you believe Jay Younger topped this list as sexiest Islander? According to Pour Moi, there have been over 1,500 tweets written about Jay being sexy including ones like “Jay’s body is so sexy” – shocker!

You can find the rest of the thirsty research here.

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