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Erm, Liam Payne left out a HUGE detail about how One Direction was actually formed

‘I was the honorary member of One Direction… Simon told me himself’ (lol)

Liam Payne seems to think One Direction was formed around him – according to his interview with Logan Paul, anyway.

But as it turns out, The X Factor official YouTube account begs to differ.

On the IMPAULSIVE podcast, the singer ranted about everything from his strained friendship with Zayn Malik to his failed relationship with Cheryl. He even told his version of One Direction’s origin story, claiming Simon Cowell saw something in him, before placing the best-fitting boys in a band together. So, here’s what really went down:

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“From what I’ve heard, part of the reason One Direction was made was because Simon’s promise to me that, ‘in two years, I’ll make this work for you,” he told Logan. “So he started with my face, and then worked around the rest… I was the honorary member of One Direction. He told me that story himself at his house.”

Except yesterday (24th July), the geniuses behind the X Factor’s YouTube account posted a never-seen-before clip of the band’s formation.

Judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger actually started with Niall and Harry, before working the others in. Pointing to Niall’s photo, Louis said: “We liked him.”

“They’re the cutest boyband ever!” Nicole exclaimed, pairing Niall’s picture up with Harry’s.

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They’re just too talented to get rid of. And they’ve got just the right look and the right charisma on stage,” she continued. “They’re like little stars, so you can’t get rid of little stars — you put them all together.”

While Liam was initially considered as the band’s “leader,” Simon went on to say: “He thinks he’s better than anyone else in that list.”

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