Who was Julia Clark Downs? The woman latest episode of Better Call Saul paid tribute to

She died last year

The sixth and final season of Better Call Saul is well underway, and finally we’re seeing the storyline gap between the show and Breaking Bad come together. Loose ends are being tied up and we’re seeing how the two stories cross over and the conclusions for a lot of characters. The latest episode of Better Call Saul mainly focused around the story of Kim Wexler, and at the end of the episode there was a tribute to a woman called Julia Clark Downs.

Titled Fun and Games, season six episode nine was anything but its title but, really. It showed Kim and Jimmy trying to come to terms with what had happened to Howard in front of their very eyes, and ended with Kim ultimately deciding it was all too much for her, quitting as an attorney and leaving Jimmy. Jimmy is now fulling living life as Saul, and we have seen it was actually sadness and his downfall which lead to him “breaking bad” and taking on this persona.

Season six episode nine of Better Call Saul is dedicated to Julia Clark Downs

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So, who was Julia Clark Downs and what was her connection to Better Call Saul?

At the end of the episode, a tribute card came up on the screen to say it had been “dedicated to our friend Julia Clark Downs”. Julia Clark Downs was an attorney, who worked in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the show is set. According to her LinkedIn, she had been self employed for over four years, but also worked at law firms and did some volunteering work. Julia served her country as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama. She studied Law at The University of New Mexico School of Law and also had a degree in English.

According to CarterMatt, Julia Clark Downs worked very closely with Better Call Saul. She served as a consultant for the series and helped to provide first-hand knowledge of the Albuquerque legal system to the show’s creators, in order to make it feel as realistic and authentic as possible.

She died in a car accident on October 5th 2021, aged just 43. “Julia was an avid runner, skier, soccer player and overall outdoor enthusiast,” her obituary reads. “She was a creative cook, who could create great dishes without any sort of recipe. Julia was a feminist and a courageous advocate for the underdog. Most important, she was the loving and devoted mother of her 12-year-old son Gavin”.  It describes her as a “much-loved friend to many”.

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