Jacques is the biggest red flag of Love Island 2022 and these moments prove it

The rugby lad culture is thriving

Jacques O’Neill is unrivalled when it comes to being a reckless red flag in Love Island. Just like Gemma Owen said, he thinks with his dick. Throughout this season of Love Island, Jacques has said so many things which have left viewers shocked and downright fuming.

Love Island’s Casa Amor isn’t known for encouraging perfect behaviour, especially with the boys – but Jacques took things to a whole new level. Before Casa Amor he seemed very happy to be with Paige but it turns out he’s a big believer in “out of sight, out of mind.” Here’s a rundown of every single time Jacques proved to be the biggest red flag in the history of Love Island.

He asked Paige how many times she’d been cheated on

Jacques straight up asked Paige how many times she had been cheated on in previous relationships because he could “tell”. This was an awful moment to watch.

He literally called Ekin-Su ‘a headache’

One moment from this year’s Love Island which received a number of Ofcom complaints was the time when Jacques called Ekin-Su “a headache”. There were also a further 69 complaints made to do with Jacques’ treatment of Paige.

Jacques called Paige ‘pathetic’

Jacques called Paige “pathetic” and told her to “fuck off” after the heart racer challenge – when his heart rate increased the most by his ex Gemma. His reason for his heart race increasing was because he said he “had a sex flashback of my ex”.

Jacques’ reaction to Paige going for a walk with Jay was a red flag

Despite Paige reassuring Jacques she’s still into him when paired with Jay, he took is so badly when she didn’t want to go for a swim with him when he asked her. He fumed to Andrew saying she’s “fucked” him off and she herself can “fuck off now”. All of this happened after Jacques told Paige he’s “never cared” for a girl before. What makes this whole thing worse is the fact Paige literally said in Casa Amor that Jacques has “no red flags” – it’s terrifying to watch.

He said his type is girls who are more ‘reserved and quiet’ than him

The moment Paige stepped out the door and new girls stepped in, he whipped out his vast collection of red flags.

He flirted with Mollie very heavily and hinted at her getting into his bed but then moments later moved to Cheyanne and told her he was no longer interested in Mollie. His reason being, he wants a girl who is more “reserved and quiet” than him and who “isn’t too funny”. You simply cannot tell me this isn’t a massive red flag. And let’s not forget he essentially called Paige pathetic earlier on in the season after she attempted to call her out.

Jacques apparently doesn’t like giving out compliments

How not to flirt with women – a guide by Jacuqes O’Neill. He told Cheyenne he doesn’t like giving out compliments and then continued to reassure her by saying he enjoys changing his mind “every five minutes”.

Shock! The boys don’t like him either

A couple weeks ago when Remi left the villa he said he “hates” Jacques. Speaking on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast, alongside Afia, Remi said Jacques “made Love Island shit” for him. He said they got into lots of arguments in the villa, which ruined Remi’s experience.

Remi then did an impression of Jacques who he says would imitate his accent all the time, which he described as “jarring”. According to Remi, Jacques would often use his rugby persona as an excuse to wind people up. He also called Jacques a “muppet” – yikes!

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