I let Adele borrow my Pride flag to wear on stage at her concert, so she gave me VIP seats

‘To have someone on that level be so outwardly an ally is huge’

An Adele fan was given VIP seats at her concert – because he let her borrow his Pride flag and take it on stage.

Dean Barber took his £8 Pride flag to Adele’s concert in Hyde Park this weekend, and was asked if Adele could borrow the flag as part of her performance – and in return, she invited Dean and his mate Jack to go and sit in the VIP area.

Adele later came out wearing the flag – “to have someone on that level be so outwardly an ally is huge”, Dean said.

This weekend was also London’s Pride – and exactly 50 years since the first ever UK Pride.

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“When we were asked if Adele could borrow a flag for the stage, we couldn’t believe it,” Dean said.  “We gave her the spare and were escorted to VIP – I kept thinking ‘is this real?’. I couldn’t believe it. After a couple of songs, she called to ask for Jack and Dean – my friend and I – and pulled us right to the front.

“When she called us over she said ‘I needed the flag, you’ll find out why later’ – and later on she came out wearing the flag. It was just so mindblowing and crazy – I’m still processing it because you don’t ever expect that to happen.

“To have someone on that level be so outwardly an ally is huge.”

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After they were invited to the VIP area, Dean and Jack were able to watch from the very front row.

Dean said:  “It was a huge moment to have an artist using their platform like this to support the queer community. When it’s been a hard time for the community in so many places, it’s incredible for someone on that level to show support.

“When it went viral on social media, I expected some homophobia but everyone has just been so lovely. I guess that’s just the power of Adele – she is a true ally.”

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