Here come the girls! Meet the bombshells looking to graft their way to the main villa

Apparently, Andrew used to like one of the girls’ photos on Instagram!

The Love Island favourite, Casa Amor, is back! On Sunday’s show, six new girls joined the main villa and began making the moves on the boys, seeing whose head will turn for them. All the girls are interested in different boys and are not afraid to step on anyone’s toes to get what they want. From a graphic designer to an air hostess, all the girls are bringing something different to the villa. In the Casa Amor villa, six new boys have joined the girls with the hopes of coupling up with one of them.

Meet the six new bombshells who are hoping to turn the boys’ heads in the main villa:

Chyna Mills

Pictured is Chyna who is on Love Island as a Casa Amor bombshell

via Instagram @chymills_

23-year-old Chyna is a youth support worker from Leeds. She has got her eyes on Dami, Davide and Jacques. Chyna says she doesn’t have a specific type and “it’s all down to personality.” She revealed that she doesn’t like to lose and will have no issue on stepping on the other Islander’s toes.

She said: “I didn’t come with anyone. I’m happy to make friends in the villa but everyone came to Love Island for one reason. If they were in my position, they’d do the same.” She said her family would describe her as “overly confident” and “over the top”.

Cheyanne Kerr

Pictured is Cheyanne who is on Love Island as a Casa Amor bombshell

via Instagram @cheyannekerr_

Cheyanne is a flight attendant from Barnsley who has her sights set on Andrew. Love Island won’t be the first time Andrew and Cheyanne have known each other as it has been reported that he liked some of her Instagram photos prior to them being the villa.

Talking about Andrew, Cheyanne said: “He’s the one my mum likes, she says: ‘Please go for Andrew, he’s so cute!’ He seems so genuine and sweet.” Six months before entering the villa she got out of a three-year relationship. She said: “From previous experience, I know I’ve got very good chat so when I do speak to guys it comes easily and I am never nervous. If I find someone attractive, I always use my eyes.”

Coco Lodge

Pictured is Coco who is on Love Island as a Casa Amor bombshell

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Coco is a 27-year-old graphic designer and ring girl from Surrey, who has her eye on fellow Italian, Davide. She said she falls in love with people “very quickly”. “It’s always people I think I’m lusting over – it’s kind of a bit more lust than love. My feelings are driven by how much I’m attracted to them. If I was to fall for someone’s personality, I’d be a bit more of a slow burner,” she said.

Speaking about her love life, Coco said: “I’ve been through the nice one who just wasn’t for me, the f-boys who just want to be single and think they’re Peter Pan. I just want to find someone who is nice now but is right for me and I can grow old with and have fun. And not really care about looks. Looks fade, a personality doesn’t. I want to meet someone who in 20 years I still have a best friend relationship with.”

Jazmine Nichol

Pictured is Jazmine who is on Love Island as a Casa Amor bombshell

via Instagram @jazminejaynenichol

Jazmine is a 21-year-old nightclub manager from Newcastle. She is keen to get to know Jacques who she reckons will “definitely” make her laugh while she is in the villa. Jazmine says her nickname is Donkey from Shrek because of her “little one-liners”.

She regards herself as a good flirt and said: “I could flirt with a wall if it would talk back. I think I’d just charm them. I do this eye trick, I don’t even know what it is, but if I give them the eye it’ll secure it. I think it’s because they’re so blue.”  Similar to Chyna, Jazmine is not afraid to step on anyone’s toes. She said: “I am that person that has to win everything. I’ve never not got a boy I wanted.”

Mollie Salmon

via Instagram @mollie_salmon

Mollie is a make-up artist from Southampton. The 23-year-old has her sights set on multiple boys but Jay in particular. She decided to go onto Love Island because she is “terrible as picking men”.

She said: “They all look amazing, but Jay is just carved from gold. I’ve never seen abs sculpted like that, him and Davide.” Describing herself, Mollie said she can be “fiery”. “I’m chatty and I’m a bit of a prankster, I love to play pranks on people and no one else yet is bringing it so that’s going to be my job this year,” she said.

Summer Botwe

via Instagram @summerbotwe

Summer is 22 years old and from Hertfordshire. She is the co-owner of an events décor business and has even starred in scenes alongside Lacey Turner in Eastenders when she was younger. Summer’s father is award-winning garage MC and DJ, MC CKP.

Talking about her plans for Love Island, she said: “I’m putting my best foot forward and I’m not wasting any time getting to know people.” Summer thinks she would be a good girlfriend as she thinks she is “very genuine”. She said: “I do like my princess treatment, I do like that side of it. But I’m very loving, I’m caring, I always put the other person first before my own feelings. It’s always nice to know you’re a priority.”

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Featured image credit via @summerbotwe, @jazminejaynenichol and @cheyannekerr_.

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