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Omg, people think Andrew and one of the new Casa Amor girls already know each other

Here’s all the evidence we have 👀

Love Island 2022 fans think Andrew Le Page already knows new Casa Amor girl Cheyanne Kerr.

Andrew has liked around seven of Cheyanne’s Instagram pics. They’re all from April, and they’re all location tagged Dubai – where he lives. 23-year-old air hostess Cheyanne is originally from Barnsley, but now spends a lot of time in Dubai.

Cheyanne has called Andrew “genuine and sweet”, and said her mum told her to go for Andrew when she’s in the villa! She said: “He’s the one my mum likes, she says: ‘Please go for Andrew, he’s so cute!’ He seems so genuine and sweet.”

via Instagram @cheyannekerr_

He follows Cheyanne on Insta, but she doesn’t follow him back.

One Love Island fan said on Twitter: “Oh my God the producers found the girl Andrew was liking on IG before the villa and brought her in for Casa Amor, give them all the awards because they are pro👏duce👏ing”.

There’s been a screenshot circulating online, apparently from Andrew’s account, which only adds fuel to the rumours.

In the screenshot, it looks the person running Andrew’s social media did an Insta story Q&A. Someone asked if “the rumour of Andrew knowing the Casa Amor girl is true or not?” and the person running Andrew’s account replies with the eyes emoji and a shrugging emoji.

andrew le page, cheyanne kerr, love island, casa amor

The screenshot circulating, apparently from Andrew’s account

In last night’s Love Island episode we saw the Casa Amor girls enter the main villa and meet the boys, but neither Cheyanne and Andrew mentioned anything about knowing each other or even having seen each other’s social media accounts.

via Instagram @cheyannekerr_

Right now Andrew is coupled up with Tasha. They’re not official yet but the two seem pretty loved-up, although Tasha has told the girls she’s frustrated at them now having been voted TWICE as one of the least compatible couples.

What happens in Casa Amor, stays in Casa Amor … until the girls return to the main villa that is, which will probably at the end of this week. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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