We found all of Antigoni’s songs and gave them an honest ranking from worst to best

The boys in the villa are sleeping on her, are we sleeping on her music?

It feels as if the producers have completely forgotten about Antigoni. Every evening, we get to see her for five minutes. She’s level headed, she’s cool, she seems like a genuinely down to earth girl. I can’t be the only one that thinks she deserves far more screen time.

In a quest to find out more about this overlooked Greek Cypriot bombshell, we’ve deep dived into all of the songs she’s released and ranked them from worst to best. From certified bangers, to songs that will give you the ick, here is an honest ranking of all 10 of her songs she’s released so far.

10. 2 Steps

2 Steps has an acoustic guitar hook that will lodge itself in a tiny crevice in your brain and give you a headache. You get a brief break during the middle 8, make the most of those 23 seconds because then you go straight back into the slightly cringe lyric: “Na-na-nah gotta stay 2 steps ahead”.

Stay two steps ahead by just skipping this one.

9. Boosting

Boosting has so much promise. It starts with a big sprawling guitar riff that draws you in. It’s got the broody, rasping voice of someone who’s been rolling Amber Leaf since they were 15, it’s crying out for a big chorus to turn it into a banger. What you get is “Boom boom back-a-back again” on a loop.

There are so many Boom booms, it’s practically a tribute act to Basil Brush. 2 Steps and Boosting are Antigoni’s first releases and thankfully she’s left the “na-na-nah” and “boom boom” era behind.

8. Friends

This is Antigoni’s most streamed song on Spotify. It’s a bit like Gemma. It’s had a lot of airtime, but I’m not sure it’s warranted. However like Gemma, some people will like it. Give it a try – def has some bop potential.

7. Red Flag

It’s just doing too much. Antigoni took a year off after 2021 and came back with a new Greek-inspired sound. It doesn’t fit on Red Flag at all. Trying to keep pace with the heavy beats, the Greek instrumentation feels a bit insincere and very out of place. It sounds like the desert level music in New Super Mario Bros you played on your DS growing up.

6. This Ain’t Love

Antigoni’s powerful voice is perfect for this honest, raw hit. I don’t know why it only has 5,000 streams on Spotify, it definitely deserves more. A song that will draw you in with its tune and lyrics that will keep you listening. “If this ain’t love, I don’t wanna know, coz I love the way it feels, I don’t care if it’s not real” – literally encapsulates every toxic relationship ever.

5. Hit List

Effortlessly cool RnB. Does everything that Red Flag doesn’t. It’s giving in the back of a dark Greek nightclub energy.

4. Good as Gold

The Greek female Lewis Capaldi crossover you didn’t know you needed. Genuinely seems a completely different artist to the “na-nah-nah” and “boom boom” debut singles. Talent shining through.

3. Is It Any Wonder

Stop what you are doing and add this to your playlist. If you love everything about Antigoni in the villa, this is the song for you. You can tell why she’s got such stellar advice and good energy in the villa. An upbeat, acoustic hit that calls out the social media pressure to constantly look perfect.

2. Never Gonna Love

This is the kind of song the Love Island producers spend all year looking for. When Tash inevitably breaks Andrew’s heart or if Jacques comes back with a new girl after Casa Amor and Paige is left standing alone, they are going to play Never Gonna Love.

Can you remember the song that played when Amy told Curtis she was leaving the villa? What about when Laura told Jack that she still had feelings for him at their dinner date? Heartbreak ballads and Love Island go hand in hand and if they use Never Gonna Love this series, the song is going to blow up.

1. Way Too Much

Antigoni is great in the villa at the minute. But you know she’d be on another level if she was coupled up with someone she liked. Way Too Much sees producer and rapper, Ebenezer feature and the chemistry hits you straight away.

Playing off each other, the song immediately feels more intimate than anything else she’s individually released. Then you add in a hook that slaps and she’s onto a winner. She just needs to find her Ebenezer in the villa now.

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