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Everyone is listening to brown noise because TikTok told them to, here are the benefits

It just scratches a part of my brain that white noise can’t reach


People on TikTok have recently discovered brown noise and its benefits and now they can’t stop listening to it. Not only that but there’s now pink noise, both are just different versions of white noise. The hashtag on TikTok has over 59 million views which is wild. Here’s everything you need to know about brown noise, what makes it different to white noise and why everyone on TikTok is now obsessed with it.

Why are people on TikTok raving about brown noise?

People on TikTok have shared the benefits of brown noise, one person said it helps with their memory and cognitive performance. Others have claimed it helps calm their thoughts and increases productivity – hence why people use it for getting to sleep.

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People with ADHD have claimed brown noise helps improve their thoughts and focus. Although it hasn’t been clinically proven brown noise helps with ADHD.

What are the benefits of brown noise?

Right so apparently brown noise helps with meditation, studying, sleeping with insonia and helping people fall asleep quicker. Brown noise on TikTok has revolutionised my life and I don’t care who knows about it – I will never return to the boring, old white noise.

White noise rushes through a bunch of different ranges whereas brown noise just focuses on the low notes and feels like it’s scratching every inch of your brain. It sounds a lot deeper than white noise and it’s very gentle on your ears. For example, rain noises and crashing waves are like white noise whereas thunder is more relevant to brown noise.

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If you don’t like brown noise then there’s also other colours

If you don’t like brown or white noise then there’s also pink, blue, violet and grey noise which all operate on different frequencies. There’s also an app called Noise Generator where you can try to find your ideal noise on the spectrum. Users can completely customise what they hear based on colour, low-bass and high pitches.

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