Spotify karaoke feature

Spotify scores your singing now in a new karaoke mode, here’s how to get it

I’ve been singing the Girls Aloud Megamix all morning

Spotify now has a karaoke feature that allows you to sing along and gives you a score at the end. No one is sure whether this means Spotify employees are listening to your singing but if they are then pray for them! Here’s everything we know about the new karaoke feature.

How to get the new Spotify karaoke feature

Getting the karaoke feature on Spotify is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is update the app so you have the latest version. Once you’ve done this select the song you would like to sing and scroll down. You’ll see the lyrics on the top right of it and an option that says “sing”.

When you click on the karaoke feature, the app allows you to sing along with the song. At the end you even get a score card and it rates your singing.

You might not have the feature straight away

Right so some people might update their app but they’re unable to see the karaoke feature. This is because the update hasn’t been made available to them. It should only take a few hours to roll out though. So keep your eyes peeled on the app so you’re not missing out.

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