Spotify Supergrouper

Okay so what is Spotify’s new Supergrouper feature and how do you make yours?

Putting Beyoncé and Gaga in a group together because I want the Telephone sequel

If you’re already longing for your big Spotify Wrapped rundown of 2022 and longing for those sweet, sweet new Spotify features – the streaming kings have got you covered with a new fun feature that I am honestly obsessed with. It’s called Supergrouper, and it lets you build the band of your dreams, name it something iconic and then gives you a playlist based on the artists you get. And you know what? It slaps. Here’s a full explainer of what Spotify Supergrouper actually is and how you can get access to and then make your own!

Just go on to the Spotify app

On the Spotify homepage on mobile, you should see a banner saying Supergrouper. Click on that, and it will ask you to choose how many artists you want in your group. You can have between three and five choices. Say you chose five, you then have to pick five artists to make up your group.

Spotify will give you Supergrouper categories to slot artists in to. The categories are The Up-And-Comer, The Producer, The Lyricist, The Wildcard and The Lead. When I created my Spotify Supergrouper, I chose my lead vocalist to be Miley Cyrus because she’s got one of the best voices in the industry. I chose my lyricist to be Lana Del Rey because no one can write a song like her. My wildcard was Azealia Banks because she’s unpredictable and her verses would switch the vibes up. Shygirl I chose as my up and comer because she’s the future, and AG Cook on production because nobody does it like him and the PC Music lot.

You can just randomise, if you want to

If your brain is barely functioning yet, Spotify Supergrouper will let you randomise artists into the slots. It seems to choose artists you already love and listen to, so don’t be worried about choosing this option. You’re not going to get a Jess Glynne jump scare.

My randomised group just called me a homosexual on Pride Month

It then makes you a playlist

So, right at the end of the decision making, Spotify gives you the option to listen to a playlist of the artists and you can save it to your library. And voila, you’re Spotify Supergrouped!

Click the link here to make your own!

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