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What to pack for Glastonbury, by an influencer with a million Instagram followers

Take inspo from Olivia Rodrigo, Britney and the Spice Girls x

After three long, LONG years, Glastonbury is finally back in the year of our lord 2022 – but when your tickets have arrived, your coach there is booked and you’ve got your stash of booze ready, the most stressful part of your experience at festivals is the nightmare of what to pack.

Influencer and style expert Mosope Ogunjobi, founder of Style Necessity with almost a million followers on Instagram, has given The Tab her expert opinion on what to pack and wear at Glastonbury and the rest of your summer of festivals. One glance on your TikTok FYP will tell you that Y2K is in in a big way, and Mosope says that festivals this summer will be packed full with diamanté hair gems, Crocs and trucker hats.

Here’s what you need to pack for Glastonbury and other festivals this summer 2022, by a fashion influencer with a million followers:

Channel Olivia Rodrigo and the Spice Girls

“With many musical talents, including teen sensation Olivia Rodrigo, taking music influence as well as fashion influence from the Y2K era, it comes at no surprise that the trend is predicted to be a common sight at festivals throughout summer,” Mosope says.

what to pack, festivals, summer, 2022, glastonbury

Olivia Rodrigo

Fashion icons from the actual Y2K era include the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Beyonce (back in her Destiny’s Child days), so you can look to all of these for inspo, too. “These women sported the originals of the trends we see today and a nod to this era should be somewhere in every Glastonbury 2022s attendees’ bags,” Mosope says.

“This current resurgence of the fun loving and carefree style choices is perfect for this year’s Glastonbury.”

And listen to her royal highness, Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton once said “skirts should be the size of a belt”, and when trying to get the Y2K aesthetic we should listen to *the* Y2K icon, Mosope says. “These can be paired with a slogan t-shirt, bandeau top, rhinestone belt, velour zip top – many of these iconic looks have made their way to 2022 and have been reworked so that even the beloved Juicy Couture tracksuit is suitable for festival season.”

If you’re into trousers more than skirts, cargo pants are ideal for an effortless and comfy festival look. In terms of fabrics, Mosope says to go for anything that was big in the 200s – denim, mesh, fishnet and satin. Satin slip dresses are another option that looks boujee but feels comfy.


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Crocs are back, baby

Crocs are back in a big way – even Love Islanders are wearing them. Mosope calls them “perfect for the festival-goer as they are durable and wipeable” – so long as it’s not too muddy, obvs (imagine getting mud in all those holes, ew).

“But the most iconic footwear for Glasto is the Wellington boot. Kate Moss put Hunter Wellies on the map at Glastonbury 2005, any festival goer needs a great pair of wellies”, Mosope says.

what to pack, festivals, summer, 2022, glastonbury

It’s Croc time x

Use the hair bejeweler that’s all over TikTok

A huge part of Y2K is about accessorising, not just clothing. Mosope says to go for slim shoulder bags or baguette bags, sunglasses, glittery hair clips or even the “blinger hair bejeweler” that’s all over your TikTok.


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“When it comes it Y2K minimalism isn’t on the cards, it is all about expression and excess. This is also reflective in the colour palette of the style. Neon and bold colours dominate the themes. The brighter the better.”

In terms of other accessories, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid are big fans of trucker hats and the style’s come back in a big way, she says. And if you can find literally anything butterfly print – or even take it a step further with those fun sequin tops that are in the shape of a butterfly.

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