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Here’s how to get the viral wavy filter you keep seeing all over TikTok right now

Let’s get wavy!!!!

Every single week on TikTok there’s a new viral filter going around and this week it’s the wavy one. There are so many filters on TikTok, like the crying eyes one and the hilarious sad face filter which blew up earlier this year. But now the wavy filter is here to take over so here’s how you can get it.

The wavy filter isn’t actually on TikTok

@miamommymaura #wavyfilter #teachmehowtodougie ♬ Teach Me How To Dougie – Classics Reborn

So kind of like how the viral sad filter was on Snapchat, the wavy one is on Instagram. It’s best used when the person you’re filming is moving. So walking or dancing is perfect for this! It creates an effect that makes the person in the frame look as though they’re dancing. And recently people on TikTok have been filming unsuspecting family members. Here’s how to get the filter:

• Open your Instagram app

• Go onto stories and swipe through all the filters at the bottom

• When you reach click “Effects overview” and search “Waves”

• You specifically want the one belonging to @kar.ina

• Then you can open up the filter and create your viral content

The wavy filter on TikTok is trending with Grupo La Cumbia’s single Cumbia Buena. And yes, it slaps. So film your video on Instagram first, then save it and open up TikTok. You need to use the song on Instagram though, not TikTok.

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