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They’re somehow still going, but here are seven reasons Jake and Logan Paul should quit forever

I say ‘somehow’ – I’m the one writing about them

TW: This article briefly mentions suicide.

It’s another calendar week – which means a Paul family member is probably in the news for doing something STUPID.

Logan, Jake and – to an extent – Greg Paul have basically made millions of dollars from being that one kid in your maths class who used to run around, throw chairs and make jokes about bacterial vaginosis. There’s nothing interesting about them, and the transition from boring vloggers to Men With Podcasts was so slick I didn’t even notice.

They’re just problematic, painful to watch and genuinely the worst. Sorry. Here’s seven things which should’ve seen them cancelled a long time ago:

1. Everything about It’s Everyday, Bro

logan paul jake paul

Photo via YouTube

I swear to god I have “who the hell are flippin’ you?” bouncing off the empty walls of my brain like the old DVD screensaver 2,000 times a day. We were truly living in hell.

2. Greg Paul kissing girls much younger than him for content

Jake posted a YouTube video named “KISSING CONTEST.. (ME vs. MY DAD)” in mid-2017. The video gained a LOT of attention for all the wrong reasons. As well as the general cringe of getting your literal dad to kiss your mates, the girls involved were significantly younger than him.

3. Jake being involved in numerous alleged scams

The Paul brothers have been called out a couple of times for pushing dodgy products to their young fans. Namely, though, Jake Paul was accused of promoting a “scam” business to his subscribers back in 2018.

Edfluence was a platform which supposedly taught aspiring influencers how to realise their dreams, complete with Duolingo-like lessons and quick tips. The trouble was, users had to pay around £50 to unlock all the lessons.

Jake pushed a discounted version of Edfluence to his following – but buyers complained that the £5 version only unlocked tips like “if you like makeup, create makeup videos.”

4. Logan Paul’s racially insensitive comments about Zayn Malik

logan paul zayn malik

Photo via Flagrant on YouTube

On an episode of Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant Podcast, posted 15th June, Logan made some insensitive comments about Zayn Malik’s upbringing and race.

“He’s ethnic,” he said, after Andrew asked where the singer was really “from”. They each made jokes about Zayn allegedly “hitting” Yolanda Hadid, with guest host Alex commenting, “it’s because of his culture”.

Zayn has previously denied physically fighting with Yolanda during his relationship with her daughter, Gigi Hadid.

5. Jake using a Black Lives Matter protest as an excuse to loot random shops

In May 2020, shortly after the murder of George Floyd, a Black Lives Matter protest was held in Arizona. Jake Paul decided this would be the perfect setting to shoot a YouTube video of himself causing chaos.

Himself and a group of friends began looting a shopping centre, filming the whole thing and bragging about it on Twitter the next day. He said his goal was actually to “bring more attention to the anger felt in every neighbourhood we travelled through.”

No charges were brought against him.

6. Team 10 turning everything into a waking nightmare – then doxing Post Malone

logan paul jake paul

Photo via YouTube

It’s tricky to believe Jake Paul was once a wholesome Disney star. The YouTuber found fame in a kids’ comedy series called Bizaardvark, which he starred in until 2017. He was midway through filming the second series, when executives decided to drop him.

It was soon revealed in a US news report that Jake Paul’s content house in Hollywood had been reported several times by neighbours for noise pollution. Jake was open about his address and actively encouraged fans to come to his house. Sadly, not everyone was comfortable with people knowing where they live.

During a “feud” between Post Malone and Team 10, Jake personally went to the rapper’s house and didn’t edit out his street name or house number. Several months after Post Malone had moved out, three home-raiders broke into the house, demanding to know where he was.

7. Logan Paul’s trip to Japan

japan vlog

Photo via YouTube

In early 2018, Logan Paul’s Japan vlog caused one of the largest YouTuber controversies of all time. He’d acted like a dick throughout his trip – running through markets screaming at the top of his voice, getting kicked out of a religious temple by the police and playing real life Pokémon with unwilling strangers. But the closing act made headlines worldwide.

Logan filmed himself walking through Aokigahara – otherwise known as the “Suicide Forest.” He filmed a dead body, uncensored, and proceeded to make it all about himself.

He issued a public apology shortly afterwards, and did an interview with ABC News. But he ended up losing out on ad revenue, future projects and collaborations with YouTube and tens of thousands of subscribers.

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