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A non-exhaustive list of EVERYTHING we know about Beyoncé’s new album

If it’s another TIDAL exclusive I’ll riot

Beyoncé’s still dropping clues about B7 – and we’re all mindlessly following them like a boyfriend being breadcrumbed. We don’t know when exactly it’ll happen, what the lead single will be or who the featured artists are. But mark my words, new music is coming.

Fan theories have spread far and wide across the internet over the last few days. We’ve lost our dignity and we ARE getting delusional. With that in mind, here’s everything we know so far about Beyoncé’s new album:

It’s definitely on the way

Without a shadow of a doubt, this album will be released this year. And SOON. Beyoncé’s version of promo has always been subtle and shrouded in mystery. The profile pic removals almost certainly mean the start of a new era. Her website, TIDAL and Sony have each mentioned B7 in the last few days.

Two albums could be released back-to-back?!

Beyhive conspiracy theorists have claimed two albums will drop soon – either at the same time or within weeks of each other. In deleted tweets, streaming platform TIDAL said: “What is a B7/B8?”

Beyoncé often goes into hiding for *long* periods of time before feeding her fans with music, tours, Ivy Park lines and merch. Bearing in mind she’s released an album every three years, could this six-year wait mean double the music?

The theme is going to be something red

Okay, so this is a little theory of my own. But WHY is her Instagram suddenly so RED? Look:

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No, seriously. LOOK!!

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This is getting silly now:

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We could be getting a tour next year

According to pop culture rumour mill Deux Moi, the star looks set to tour in 2023. If the prediction is correct – we could be looking at a European tour in the spring, with US dates set to follow.

A single called MOONWALKING has been registered on ASCAP

So, ASCAP has never steered us wrong. In early 2013, a single called Rock It Till Water Falls – written by Miguel and Justin Timberlake – randomly appeared on the website. That song later became Rocket, the ninth track from the self-titled album.

Fans reckon this could be the lead single from B7 – so, we’ll just have to wait and see.

It could drop on TIDAL first

We’ve all just conveniently forgotten about Beyoncé releasing Lemonade as a TIDAL exclusive. In its first week, the album drove 1.2 million sign ups (including free trials) to the Jay-Z-founded streaming platform. Praying Spotify and Apple users don’t miss out on content all over again, tbh.

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