Here’s how you can get involved in the Dall-E Mini image generator trend

Tbf I’ve always wanted to know what Boris Johnson looks like eating a fish

All I’m seeing on Twitter at the minute are messed-up pictures of celebrities doing weird things, presented on grids that looks like the captchas from hell. These AI generated images range from Putin and Trump admiring a urinal, to Thomas the Tank Engine as a Burrito, and they’re the product of the Hugging Face Space by Dall-E Mini. Here’s how you can use the AI generator to make some memes and get in on the trend.

How to use the Dall-E Mini image generator

It’s really simple. Just follow this link and you’ll arrive at the AI image generator.

Then just key in your phrase and wait fro the magic to happen. This can take a while and sometimes the results are hit and miss. But when you strike gold…you strike GOLD.

When I’ve tried it, I’ve had a lot more success doing it on my laptop than on my phone, so give that a go.

Here are some of the best Dall-E Mini generated pics


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